5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Junk Removal Company

Are you in need of a professional junk removal company in Fort Lauderdale but don’t know where to turn? As the premier junk hauling company servicing Broward County for over 10 years, Best in Broward Movers has the expertise, equipment, and environmentally friendly processes to handle any debris removal job with efficient ease.

In addition to providing residential services, we are perfectly equipped to handle the large-scale junk removal needs of commercial clients like property developers, contractors, and businesses. Whether you need occasional cleanouts or regular junk disposal, we can create customized solutions for all your debris management requirements. If you’re tired of living with clutter or just want hassle-free professional junk removal services for your next project, there’s no better option than Best in Broward Movers. Call us today to discuss your needs and schedule a free, no-obligation quote.

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Save Time

Save Time  We’re sure you’ve been in this situation before. You’ve accumulated some extra clutter around the house or office over time and figure “how hard could it be to just load it into my car and dump it off?” More often than not, we underestimate exactly how much time projects like junk removal really take. Between gathering everything up, figuring out what’s trash versus donations or recycling, making multiple trips if it won’t all fit in one load, and finding a suitable disposal location – before you know it, you’ve spent an entire Saturday sweating it out! 

  • Our Years of Experience Means an Efficient Operation: We’ve lost count of the number of junk hauling jobs we’ve handled over the past decade. By now, the process is seamlessly streamlined. Within minutes of arriving on site, our professional crew can identify the best method for removing debris promptly. Whether it’s a single-family house cleanout or a major commercial construction site, our specialized hauling equipment can rapidly scoop up huge volumes of junk.
  • Save Yourself the Headache with Our Fast Service: Just imagine how liberating it would feel to wave goodbye as we pull away with all that clutter, knowing you no longer have to stress over a project that would take you all weekend to complete solo. With our dedicated fleet of trucks and crew of skilled operators, most standard residential or small business cleanouts are wrapped up within 2-3 hours. For larger-scale jobs, a few of us can be onsite to remove debris at lightning speed so you’re not left waiting around. 
  • See How Hassle-Free Junk Removal Can Be: In addition to our prompt service, we provide 100% satisfaction and handle insurance so you know your property and belongings are completely safe with us. Talk to a friendly representative today about getting a free estimate – you’ll be impressed by how quickly we can have your junk disappear!

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Ensure Safety

Ensure Safety  As a professional junk removal business, we understand there are very real risks involved in the work we do each day. Heavy lifting, hazardous materials, confined spaces – the potential is there for accidents if the proper precautions aren’t taken. Not only do we have a duty to protect our own crew, but also our customers and community. 

  • Comprehensive Training for Every Situation: We believe that safety truly comes first. Every employee undergoes extensive training in proper lifting techniques, assessments for identifying potential dangers, operating machinery safely, and following all regulatory guidelines for disposal. We don’t leave anything to chance – certification courses are part of regular professional development.
  • Cutting-Edge Tools and Protective Gear: In addition to knowing how to work safely, we invest heavily in only the best safety equipment. Customers see our crew arrive outfitted head-to-toe with steel-toed boots, protective eyewear, sturdy work gloves, harnesses, and more depending on conditions. For larger or unusual items, specialized tools like power lifts and vacuums help control heavy loads.
  • A Clean Bill of Health Is Our Top Priority: Peace of mind is so important when you’re having unwanted junk hauled away. You can rest assured knowing that we’ll respect your property and remove debris without creating new problems. At the end of the job, it’s our goal that you and your loved ones suffer no injuries or lasting effects. Our unblemished safety record is a true testament to the care we put into each removal.

In the unlikely event an incident does occur on-site, we also carry extensive commercial liability coverage. So you can hire Best in Broward Movers with confidence that your well-being and belongings are protected in very good hands. 

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Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind  As a residential homeowner or business operator, the last thing you want is a sleepless night worrying about whether your junk was hauled away correctly. Did everything make it to the right facilities? Are there any legal loopholes that could come back to bite you? We make it our mission to remove that source of stress completely.

  • Full Compliance is Our Top Priority: Waste removal isn’t as simple as “dumping stuff anywhere”. Different materials have specific regulations around transportation and processing. As professionals, we stay up-to-date on any changes to local, state, and federal guidelines. Our licensed crews are trained on proper classification, documentation, and delivery protocols.
  • No Fine Print – Total Transparency: We work with certified, permitted partners so you have full visibility into the lifecycle of your debris. Receive documentation demonstrating every load was handled according to code. No proprietary processes either – we’re happy to explain recycling/disposal methods and take any questions!
  • Leave it to the Experts: While do-it-yourself junk hauling might save money upfront, all it takes is one mistake to incur costly penalties or damage to the environment. As the legal liability rests with us, you have full confidence everything is professionally managed from end to end. 
  • Full Suite of Disposal Services: Whether it’s construction waste, furniture, appliances, bulk items or more, we’ve got the expertise and connections to process virtually anything properly. Reusables find new homes, recyclables get remade, and trash has safe landfill transport.

Gain renewable peace of mind: rely on our licensed team for all your junk removal needs, big and small.

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Help the Environment

Help the Environment  As a family-owned business serving the Broward County community, we take our commitment to environmental stewardship very seriously at Best in Broward Movers. After all, this pristine South Florida paradise is our home too – so we want to do everything possible to preserve it.

  • Waste Diversion is Key: Our cleanup specialists are rigorously trained in proper waste sorting and routing. Before anything ever reaches a landfill, we conduct thorough inspections to identify items that can be reused, donated, recycled, or composted instead. It’s astonishing what gets a second life!
  • Partnerships with Eco-Conscious Organizations: We proudly support various local charities and repurposing programs. Habitat for Humanity picks up reconditioned building materials. Furniture banks accept refurbished household goods. And recyclers handle everything from paper and plastic to scrap metal for valuable material reclamation. 
  • Green Credentials Across the Board: It’s important that the facilities we work with uphold the same stringent sustainability standards. From certified recycling processing centers to composting facilities creating nutrient-rich soil, every link in our waste chain models best environmental practices.
  • Small Changes Create Big Impact: Collectively, our meticulous material separation efforts truly make a difference. According to the EPA, for every ton of material diverted from the dump, nearly 3 tons of greenhouse gases are prevented from entering the atmosphere. That’s progress we’re happy to be a part of!

So feel good knowing that by choosing Best in Broward Movers, you’re selecting a junk removal company that shares your values of a healthy planet. Together, through our dedicated green initiatives, we’ll build a brighter future. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How big of a job can you handle?

From routine residential cleanouts to large-scale commercial demolitions, we’ve conquered hauling tasks of all sizes with our fleet of specialized trucks and equipment. There’s no job too big or small for our licensed professionals.

2) What items do you accept?

We safely dispose of just about anything you need removed – appliances, furniture, construction materials, yard waste, metal, and more. Give us a call to learn how we can handle all your recyclables, reusables and trash stream needs.

3) Do you do residential or just commercial?

Both! As the premier junk removal company in Broward, we proudly service both residential and commercial clients. Whether you need debris cleared from your home, apartment, office or job site – our crew of experts can accommodate any address. 

4) What are your payment and pricing options?

We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal for your convenience. Rates are affordable and we guarantee upfront pricing with no hidden fees. Let’s discuss a free on-site estimate by calling or visiting us online today.

5) Can you help with junk inside my home too?

Absolutely! We’re fully equipped to handle interior as well as exterior junk-hauling tasks. Let’s get that clutter out of your space!

Best in Broward Movers has been the premier solution for reliable junk removal in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding area for over a decade. Whether you need regular debris disposal, a one-time cleanout, or full-scale hauling support, our experts are ready to simplify the process for both residential and commercial clients. Don’t delay your next hauling job – call the junk removal experts today to schedule your free on-site estimate. Let’s get started on the stress-free solution for all your debris disposal needs!