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A Mover’s Checklist Guide: Things to Do When Moving House

When moving to a new place, you’ll have a mix of emotion. How so? Let’s admit it; there could be a hint of “bittersweet feeling” knowing that the place you use to call home will be just a part of the past. On the other hand, it can be exciting because a new place can also mean new opportunities that may be beneficial for your work career and for meeting new people. That is why the promise of a new start can be thrilling!

cheap movers broward countyBut moving houses is not entirely thrilling at all. It can be a tedious work which can drain you physically, mentally and even financially if you don’t know how to find a reliable yet affordable moving service. It becomes much worse if you don’t actually know how to start with all the packing and storing all of your stuff. As a matter of fact, knowing the right steps in preparation for the big day of moving is very important. So if you want to have the excitement of facing a new life and avoid the potential of chaos and unorganized moving process, let us share you the secrets on how to compose yourself well and get through the hurdle of moving houses.
To avoid getting overwhelmed with the things you have to pack and store in various boxes, here are easy-to-follow tips that will make packing will be a breeze!


⦁ Tip #1: Get Organized in an Enthusiastic Yet Calm Manner.

movers fort lauderdale flIt may sound contradicting but being enthusiastic can help in way of preventing yourself from stressing over the daunting task of packing your things. But do not go overboard with the jolliness so you can balance it out with calmness manner which enables you to organize your stuff well.
Start by making a master plan. Make a list of “To-Do’s” then allot a time schedule for packing and moving. Make sure that you start ahead of the “Moving Day” because last-minute packing is a big no-no. You can potentially misplace some of your stuff and give yourself a terrible headache.

⦁ Tip #2: Pack Your Things By Going Through Room by Room

room by roomUsing your plan and list, pack the most important thing you need to pack. Basically, you would want to bring your most prized possession which may vary depending on what you deem to be a necessity. These things can potentially be your current furniture such as sofa, bed, kitchen tools, and the list goes on. The home decors could go on the sub list of important things and the seasonal things too. Take note that the things you need on your everyday living should be your top priority as a “must-bring”!
You can go easily pack them by going through room after every room. That way you can cover each room thoroughly. This will also help with the next tip.


⦁ Tip #3: Label Every Box

moving company fort lauderdale fFor faster unpacking, labeling the boxes is a big help. It may appear to be quite such a hassle but you’ll soon realize once you go to the unpacking stage, you will greatly find it handy.

As you cover the things in every room or sections of your house, it will be easy to determine which boxes go for the kitchen, the one for your kids’ room, or for the masters’ bedroom. A simple note can make a huge difference in terms of speed and flow of the moving-out as well as unpacking process. No need to go through every box in order to just check what’s inside.


⦁ Tip #4: Decide Wisely and Learn To Let Go of Some Things

booksDid you know that packing your stuff can also be a way to de-clutter your overall belongings? You might have invested in a lot of furniture and kinds of stuff. But if you are moving to a much smaller place then you have to sort your things to categorize the ones you wish to bring. Basically, you’ll bring your personal belongings but there will be a few other things which you can put up for a garage sale, give out to your friends in the neighborhood or donating them. Plus it can even give you extra money once you decided to sell them thus relieving you off the stress of bringing too much stuff to your new place


⦁ Tip #5: Choose the Right Moving Supplies/Materials

fort lauderdale moversThere’s a variety of materials you can use for packing your belongings. For small items, it will be easy to pack them into boxes or even sturdy paper bags. But when it comes to big furniture and fragile items, it is important to be meticulous in choosing the right moving supply/material to use. For example, lights bulb and glass or ceramic decors should be packed in insulated and safe boxes to avoid breakage. For maximum protection of these things, try to use cloths, papers, or newspapers to cover the items or be placed in-between. Some Moving Service Providers offer customized service packages with inclusions of moving materials for you to use.

• Tip #6: Contact your Friends or Family (if you have any) who are living in your newest neighborhood.

If you have relatives or friends living in the same neighborhood or community of your new house, there’s no harm in trying to ask for help. They will surely be a big help but make sure to ask them beforehand. Yes, they can potentially assist you in packing, moving or unpacking but keep in mind that they also have a schedule of their own. So it is a show of respect as well if you politely ask them no matter how close your relationship is.

•Tip #7: Nothing Beats Professional Movers from Florida’s Best Moving Company!

You may think that you got everything under control and the time you’ll only need to hire a moving company is when your things are ready to roll on the road. Initially, some people thought that the only thing they need is to have a moving company provide the moving trucks wherein they can load all their belongings. But it is actually a misconception. A moving company can do more than just that!
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