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Moving Your Car From Fort Lauderdale Or Miami? Best In Broward Can Help!

Best In Broward Movers has an auto transport option to meet the needs of every Fort Lauderdale and Miami customer. Whether the car you are relocating is an old family beater or an expensive exotic model, we can provide transport with just the right amount of protection at a fair price.

Open Auto Transport.

This is the mode of auto transport that most people are familiar with and will have seen on the highway at some time. Cars that are transported by open auto transport are loaded onto a multi-vehicle open trailer to be driven to their new location.

As this method does not provide a physical covering to vehicles during transit, your car will likely arrive a little dusty from the road.

After a thorough wipe-down, your car will be good to go and ready to drive away. This method is our most popular as it offers the most cost-effective method of getting your car from point A to point B. Damage to cars on an open trailer is very rare and this is the preferred method of car transfer of most car dealerships and manufacturers.

Enclosed Auto Transport.

Enclosed auto transport, as its name suggests, provides a covered environment for your vehicle during transport and is a good choice for transporting more expensive or rare vehicles. Best In Broward Movers offers two levels of enclosed auto transport to our customers; soft side and hard side.

Soft Side Enclosed Auto Transport.

During soft-side auto transport, your car will be surrounded on the trailer by a large tarp on all sides and by a hard roof. This physical covering provides a barrier between your vehicle and any grime or debris the road may kick up.

Your car will also be protected from the negative effects of harsh weather such as rain, hail, or strong winds. Besides small amounts of dust that might make their way under the tarp, your car will be shielded from damage and pollutants and will arrive, safe, clean and ready to go.

Hard Side Enclosed Auto Transport.

Hard side enclosed auto transport is the mode of transit that offers the highest level of protection to vehicles during their journey. All four sides of the trailer and the roof are rigid so we guarantee that absolutely nothing is going to touch your car. From dust to debris to bad weather, your car will be completely shielded. This method also provides an extra level of protection in the unlikely event of a road accident. 

Your antique, rare, or expensive car will roll out of the trailer in the same pristine condition in which it was loaded.

Whether you choose the soft or hard side, all of our enclosed auto trailers feature a hydraulic ramp, making them the perfect choice for exotic autos and any other car with low ground clearance.

Call Best In Broward Movers When You Need Transport Your Motorcycle From Weston

Best In Broward Movers can also provide expert motorcycle transport services from Weston and the surrounding areas. This service is perfect for owners who do not have the time to ride their motorcycle to a new location themselves or simply do not want to put the wear and tear and mileage of a long road trip onto their bike.

Our motorcycle transport service is also available in open and enclosed options and our drivers have many years of experience with the correct loading, unloading, and securing of motorcycles to ensure safe and problem-free transport.

RV Transport From Boca Raton, Best In Broward Movers Does That Too!

If your RV is in Boca Raton and you need it to be somewhere else, Best In Broward Movers can get the job done for you. Our RV transport service offers fast and safe relocation of your recreational vehicle at affordable and fair rates. Simply select a pickup location big enough to accommodate our RV trailer, let us load and secure your RV for the trip and wave goodbye. Your RV will be delivered to the location of your choice safely and on time.

Best In Broward Movers Are The Fort Lauderdale, Miami And Palm Beach Leaders In Affordable Boat Transport

If you are lucky enough to be the captain of your own boat, you no doubt appreciate how stressful and difficult it is to move it from one location to another. Best In Broward Movers can take all the headache and hassle out of relocating your vessel with our boat transport services.

Best In Broward Movers understands that a boat is a huge investment and we treat each boat transport with the utmost care and attention. Our boat transport specialists have many years of experience and are committed to making sure that your boat’s journey from South Florida to its new location is quick and problem-free.

We offer transport by land or by sea and our services are perfect for boat owners who need to:

  • Relocate their boat to where the sun is shining.
  • Move their racing boat quickly.
  • Take delivery of a new boat they have purchased.
  • Deliver their boat for upgrades, repairs, or sale.

Call Best In Broward Movers today and talk to our friendly, knowledgeable agents about your boat transport needs and challenges. We are confident you will find that we are the best option for reliable and dependable boat transport from Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Palm Beach.

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