Long Distance Moving

When you travel abroad or move to the other side of the United States, you need to prepare for any changes. Interstate moves can be more complex to arrange than local moves. This is because of the requirements imposed by federal laws. Regulations are more rigid for out of state moving companies.

Here is a practical guide to help you choose the right moving partner.

Differences Between Local and Interstate Movers

The big difference lies in the way you prepare your belongings. In the case of a local move, transporting your belongings will only take a few hours. For long-distance moves, the transportation time may take several days.

The risk of damage to your belongings will also increase with the duration of the transport. The company will thus have to use more packing material for a long-distance move. The process itself is not that different, but the challenges at stake are.

Regulations for an Interstate Moving Company

Distinctions between long-distance and local travel are sometimes not very visible. US legislation requires moving companies to publish specific information. Most importantly, they have a duty to provide a copy of the brochure “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move”. It was written by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration of the US Department of Transportation. It details the federal requirements that must be met.

All interstate moving companies must have:

  • DOT Number
  • FMCSA number
  • Adequate insurance

Benefits of Hiring Long Distance Moving Companies

Any transfer entails its share of formalities and procedures. A move abroad involves the greatest number of requirements and adjustments. Luckily, Best In Broward is a cross-border moving company that offers unparalleled moving services.

The company’s global network includes moving resources of all kinds. The international option is all-inclusive. It offers a sophisticated tracking system that lets you know where your belongings are. It helps you with customs clearance and much more.

Best In Broward’s highly qualified staff is at your disposal and will help you move abroad. This will make your move less intimidating and stressful. With our many years in the market, we have perfected the door-to-door process.

How is Best In Broward Different From Other International Moving Companies?

We have a modern fleet of cars, which guarantees safe and timely transport of your goods. Our cars meet all emission standards. In addition, we offer our service at a very competitive price.

Do you need to store your belongings? Best In Broward is also able to offer you short and long term storage solutions. You may prefer to move later. Maybe you will be in a smaller temporary residence. Or maybe you wish to reduce the size of your international shipment. Whatever your situation, you can entrust us with this responsibility.

We offer a reliable, fast, and stress-free relocation service. With Best In Broward, your relocation will be a pleasant memory. Your satisfaction is most important to us. We move individuals, companies, and institutions in the United States and abroad. Are you looking for a long-distance moving state to state moves?