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Best in Broward Movers Is Not Always the Cheapest Option in South Florida

When you are researching moving companies to pack up all of your valuable household and personal items and move them quickly  and safely to their new location, it is important to ask the question: “ Which moving company near me will do the best job and give the best value for my money?” The obvious answer is Best In Broward Movers.

When dealing with high-touch service providers, including movers, it is important to remember that the cheapest option is rarely the best option. Best In Broward Movers may not be the cheapest mover you will find, but we do offer the best value for your money.

Why Are Some Movers So Cheap?

When a moving company offers the cheapest service, it is often because they have not invested any money in:

  •  training their employees
  •  high-quality tools and equipment
  •  staying up to date with the latest logistics technology
  •  carrying comprehensive insurance coverage
  •  clean and secure storage facilities

It is important to remember that “cheaper” does not mean “better value”. In most cases, when you chose the cheap option, you will spend less money,

and in return you will get:

  • Less service
  • Less reliability
  • Less moving experience
  • Less moving knowledge
  • Less attention to detail
  • Potential costly damage to your valuables

In short, when you choose a cheap moving company, you get a cheap, corner-cutting, fly by the seat of your pants moving company. Is that the kind of company you want to entrust the contents of your home to?

We doubt it.

It is also important to remember that the cheap option can often end up costing you more in the long run. A cheap mover may not pack your belongings properly, resulting in lost or damaged belongings. A cheap mover may not have the insurance to cover the cost of replacing lost or damaged items. Ultimately, a cheap mover has not provided good value for your money if your move leaves you stressed, frustrated, angry, and upset.

Best In Broward Movers Offers The Best Value For Your Money.

What does the best value for your money mean?

At Best In Broward Movers, we believe that it means paying a fair price for a job well done.

The best value for your money means being offered a full range of moving services, carried out in a professional manner, and for a fair price.

Our Services.

Best In Broward Movers is a full service moving company offering a wide range of moving services to accommodate every need.

Local Moving Service.

Best In Broward Movers are ready to move you in or out of:

  • Single-family homes
  • Apartments
  • College Dorms
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Retirement Communities
  • Office Buildings
  • Commercial Properties
  • Storage Facilities

Unlike cheap moving companies who will try to execute your move using the smallest amount of packing supplies possible to protect your belongings or who will cut corners because they are understaffed; our full-service, white-glove move includes a well-staffed, fully equipped  Best In Broward crew who will always:

  • Take a full inventory of items to ensure that everything is accounted for and that everything arrives safely at your new location.
  • Wrap and protect all of your furniture and valuable items to prevent damage during the moving process. 
  • For office and business moves, we will disassemble and reassemble office furniture, take the proper precautions when packing and handling fragile and expensive equipment, and maintain the integrity of all files.

Long Distance Moving Service.

Moving long distances can present many challenges. The stress of moving to a new area, leaving friends and family behind, and dealing with all the logistics of setting up in a new place can be overwhelming. At Best In Broward, let us help lighten your load a little. Unlike cheaper moving companies, we guarantee that our crew will be professional and respectful of your belongings as they carefully wrap, protect, and load them into our truck. All you have to do is meet us at your new location where we will carefully unload your possessions and place them in the appropriate areas of your home or office.

At every step of the way, you can trust Best In Broward to get the job done properly.

Best In Broward Storage Service.

Moving all of your possessions from one location to another is not always easy to coordinate. You can run into problems if the home or office you are moving to is not yet ready, or if you decide that you don’t want to bring all of your belongings with you to your new location. In these situations, you will need to find a safe and clean storage facility.

Unfortunately, cheap moving companies often offer storage, but have not invested in a clean, secure, dedicated storage facility. If your belongings are stored in a sub-par facility, they can sustain damage from damp or infestation of pests. Personal belongings are, unfortunately, often stolen from facilities that are not properly secured.

Let Best In Broward Movers store your belongings at our private, secured, clean storage facility.

Our long and short term storage service is perfect for:

  • Building delays
  • Downsizing
  • Extended trips abroad
  • Storing seasonal items
  • Safekeeping family heirlooms for future generations

Best In Broward Movers, We Want To Serve You!

Unlike cheap movers who ask you to sign a contract and then are not available or willing to answer your questions or offer advice, the Best In Broward team is willing and ready to serve you whenever you need us. We take the trust of our customers very seriously and we guarantee you will be by your side at every step of your move. We want to show you what real value for your money looks like and we are confident that once you have experienced a Best In Broward move, you will never again consider hiring a cheap moving company.