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College Student Moving Services? Don’t sweat the move! Best in Broward Movers offers stress-free student moving in Fort Lauderdale.

Are you moving to a student residence or your first apartment before classes start? Do you want to move your belongings for a semester abroad or for the holiday period so that you don’t have to pay rent unnecessarily?

If you are in any of those situations, calling a team of college movers who adapt to meet your needs and individual situation is a must! Call Best in Broward for a stress free moving experience. We offer  College Student Moving Services. Whether you are in need of storage or are simply looking for a full service local moving company you can trust, call Best in Broward Movers Now!

How to Organize a Long Distance or Local Student Move?

How to Organize a Long Distance or Local Student Move?  Whether you are moving into a student residence, a shared apartment, or a studio, it is very convenient to hire professional college movers to take care of everything. At Best in Broward, we work for reasonable prices and our moving services are second to none! Moving companies need to adapt to the specific needs of college students. Best In Broward Movers offers all-inclusive packages so you don’t have to worry about packing material, truck rental, or access difficulties.

Specialized college movers are used for student moves, even if you only need to transport a few objects and furniture. We offer packages adapted to small budgets.

Most college students only require small volumes of items to be moved. In other words, they often head to a studio or a student room for which a single, small van is sufficient. This is all the more the case if you are moving into furnished accommodation at colleges in South Florida.

The Advantages of Hiring Professional Movers for College Students

The Advantages of Hiring Professional Movers for College Students       Organizing a local or long distance student move is often a simple matter that can become easily completed – at least in theory. There are many factors to take into account when organizing a move that are often overlooked, with many unforeseen events for unprepared movers. 

Without the right moving company, your move will most likely require:

  • Rental of a van
  • Necessary boxes and packing
  • Parking permits
  • Special constraints related to residence
  • Access to accommodations
  • Toll fees

Calling in professionals guarantees a rapid execution, without having to worry about all the logistical and administrative aspects. A full service moving company will take care of loading and delivering your belongings from your current home to your new address. They also help you with unloading, which is really helpful if you are moving to a small room without an elevator or if your studio is on the 5th floor. Additionally, the supply of moving boxes is often much more affordable when using a moving company like Best in Broward. 

How Much Does a Student Move Cost?

How Much Does a Student Move Cost?       A student move is often synonymous with a tight budget. That’s why many students choose to move themselves by renting a van and with the help of their loved ones. That option doesn’t mean there are no costs. On the contrary, you have to take into account transport and logistics costs. Renting a van is sometimes more restrictive and more expensive. Whereas movers take care of it more quickly saving time and money, a DIY move is oftentimes stressful and supplies run out!

The costs of moving companies for a student move depend on several factors:

  1. The volume to be moved: the packing materials and moving boxes needed, the size of the moving truck, protective materials, etc. 
  2. Local moving vs a Long Distance move- used to calculate the transport costs
  3. The time needed: to determine the hourly cost 
  4. Additional services: transport of heavy objects such as a piano, or the need to rent a furniture lift for example

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