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Moving your pool table is not the easiest job. This type of transport is not only ordered by billiard clubs if they are changing locations or getting a new table, but it is a service many individuals need as they are moving to a new home. When moving pool tables for private individuals, the degree of difficulty can be a little bit higher. Maneuver space can be limited and tables may need to be moved through much more narrow hallways. Regardless of your situation, we provide pool table transport and installation services in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas.

Besides their large size and unusual dimensions, pool tables weigh quite a lot, and excessive bumps or vibrating of the truck can cause a table to warp. Of course, the weight may vary depending on the type of materials from which the pool table is all made, but moving one of these large pieces of furniture is cumbersome, to say the least. Without proper tools and knowledge, moving a pool table can cause serious injury or damage. 

Are you moving, reselling, or buying a pool table? Our pool table movers intervene everywhere in Florida to dismantle, transport and reassemble any pool table you may need to be moved.

Contact our team to receive a quick proposal. 

How Much Does it Cost to Move a Pool Table?

How Much Does it Cost to Move a Pool Table?  Moving a pool table is never an easy operation. The good news is that there are very skilled movers, such as the team at Best in Broward Movers, who can help move these more difficult belongings. The cost of the service is not as simple as stating a specific price. Each move is different and pricing depends on several factors includes distance, the complexity of the task, and the size of the pool table being moved.

Prices vary significantly between companies. The only way to find out exactly what price range you are looking at for your specific pool table is to call our team and request a quote. It is important for our team to know all of the information prior to setting a price for your Fort Lauderdale pool table move.  

Another factor that makes a big difference on pricing is whether you are moving your whole house or just the pool table. We have to measure the degree of difficulty involved in transporting all items safely to the new location.

  • If you are moving your pool table into a building, how many floors there are before you arrive at your apartment or condo home? 
  • Is there an elevator or do you have to use the stairs?
  • If the building does not have an elevator, does the stairwell offer suitable transport space?
  • If the stairs are straight, does the height between the ceiling and the stairs allow passage?

In some circumstances, a crane may even be needed to lift the pool table to its new location. This would obviously be a more expensive process than simply being able to carry the pool table to its destination. 

When moving something as heavy and cumbersome as a pool table, it’s important to hire the best Fort Lauderdale movers to do the job right! The Best in Broward Team is here to help!

Can I Move a Pool Table by Myself?

Can I Move a pool table by myself?  Transporting your billiard table on your own is a cheaper alternative, but there is always the potential for injury and you absolutely will need help with this process. You may pay less, but, honestly, at what cost to you and your friends or family? Financially, you will still need to rent a truck and in the case of an injury, medical attention is not a cheap alternative. Your best bet is to hire a professional team of movers for your pool table transport.

It is important to find a team of pool table movers who specialize in this type of transport. This is the safest procedure for a smooth move of this fragile equipment. Our moving experts do not only take care of the transportation of goods. They take care of the different steps of the move. Those include dismantling, transportation, and reassembling the table.

Depending on your property, there are two solutions for transporting a pool table. The first is to dismantle it, and the second is to keep it intact. For both options, the intervention of our teams will bring you great relief.

The process of moving pool tables with dismantling takes place in 3 steps:

  1. Our experienced movers take care of the complete dismantling of the hobby furniture. Since the table is all disassembled into different parts, it is the best time to change the carpet.
  2. While taking care to pack the most fragile parts, the team transports the entire table.
  3. Then, the movers proceed to its assembly once it arrives at the new location.

Moving a pool table without dismantling is also possible. Is access to the moving and the relocation site is convenient? Then you may consider loading the billiard table untouched into the truck. But this is no easier than dismantling. A pool table is very heavy. Leave it to the movers. That’s our job and we have the necessary equipment. The use of 4 trolleys placed under each foot will allow the pool table to be well maneuvered.

Our pool table movers will make sure to :

  1. Protect the most fragile areas that could be sometimes damaged during transport. This includes, for example, the corners and legs of the pool table.
  2. Protect your pool table. They will use special pool mat covers or moving pads combined with bubble wrap. The bubble wrap can’t be in contact with the wood as this may cause condensation and stain the wood.
  3. Cover the whole pool table with a special moving blanket.
  4. Place a blanket on the floor of the removal truck to lay your table the flattest.

Who Moves Pool Tables in Fort Lauderdale?

 Who moves pool tables in Fort Lauderdale?  Best In Broward Movers will move you through your city and the whole county of Florida. Our main goal is customer satisfaction and happiness. We achieve this by providing a wide range of removals. This includes pool table transportation and furniture shipment at the highest level.

Depending on the type of order, we will estimate our work in the most favorable way for the client. Sometimes it only takes a phone call or a short message to receive a specific quote. For more complicated removals the quote is often made upon arrival.

Thanks to our qualified staff we can guarantee well secured, safe transport. With us, the change of location will take place without any effort or stress. The dates and costs of removals, as well as the offers, are all adjusted to the individual needs of the client.

Our pool table movers are:

  • Fast
  • Safe
  • Inexpensive
  • Professional
  • Reliable
  • Punctual
  • Flexible
  • Pro-active

Call us at 954-501-1225 to arrange a moving date. We will adjust the terms of service and date to your needs.

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