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For some, the thought of moving is enough to stress over, never mind formulating an agenda that encompasses purging and storing belongings elsewhere to accommodate for your limited space. The home movers at Best In Broward Movers empathize with your plight and have compiled a few suggestions to make downsizing a less harrowing experience.


One of the most challenging tasks is letting go of items that no longer serve a purpose. You may not have used that set of dishes in over a decade, but suddenly the thought of disposing of them kick starts a need in your brain to have a dinner party so that you can use those dishes. Let it go, my friend-let it go.

If you are moving and have not handled or even thought about one of your precious belongings, it is time to say goodbye. 

Be choosy-no one is implying that you have to ditch everything, but be smart about it. Try the ‘one-year rule’ if you’re not sure. If you haven’t used it, touched it, or thought about it in a year or more, then the chances are when you are moving, you do not need to take it with you. It’s that simple.


Eliminate FurnitureThe reality is your new space is smaller, so is there a need to move EVERY bed, dresser, or couch into your new home? Moving large items is difficult, so if you don’t have space, consider selling or donating. Choose the pieces you wish to keep with care and say adios to the rest.

I know that living in Fort Lauderdale offers so many amazing activities which are much more enjoyable than packing up, but if you start early and really take your time, go shelf by shelf, room by room, without rushing, you will be better prepared to decide what items you are moving and which just don’t make the cut.


Being aware of the space and amount of storage available in your new home will help you determine which items you are moving with you and give you a more definitive strategy when deciding what gets left behind.

The reality is that there may be items that you are not able or willing to part with, but honestly, do not have space for. Fort Lauderdale has several storage facilities that allow you to store things such as seasonal items, extra furniture and appliances, craft supplies, and personal belongings that you intend to pass down or cannot bear to part with.

At Best In Boward Movers Fort Lauderdale, we know all too well how challenging moving is, never mind downsizing. We hope that these suggestions will be a helpful starting point for you. Whether you are moving yourself or choose to hire a professional moving company, downsizing can be painstaking but remember your why. This is a new and exciting opportunity. A fresh chapter in your life. Moving comes with advantages and disadvantages, so you may as well view the cup as half full and prepare to enjoy your new living space.

Is the task or even the thought of downsizing and organizing for a move too much to bear? Consider outsourcing the job and hire a professional moving company. Our seasoned movers are experts in their field and will handle all of your belongings with the utmost care. Courteous and reliable, we are the most trusted moving company in Fort Lauderdale.

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