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Moving to a new home is always exciting, but relocating to a new state always adds an extra layer of adventure and difficulties to the smooth completion of the move. Are you moving from Florida to Georgia? Turn to the best Florida to Georgia moving company. At Best In Broward Movers, we offer professional moving services ranging from packing, loading to transporting goods to your destination. Regarded as one of the best FL to GA moving companies, Best In Broward Movers is BBB-accredited and abides by the moving regulations of FDACS.

So whether you are relocating for a job, a better lifestyle or you simply need a change, hiring Florida to Georgia moving professionals is the best way to relieve the stress a move can bring. Are you stressed about the cost to move from Florida to Peach state (Georgia)? Request free online moving quotes or speak to our moving professionals!

How much does it cost to move from Florida to Georgia?

The cost of moving from Florida to Georgia may greatly vary depending on to or from which city you’re moving. Moving companies take different factors into account when determining the cost of relocation. Some significant factors to affect the cost of moving include home size, distance, type of move, and time of the year. To get an exact cost to move from Florida to Georgia, fill out the essential details on our form or request a free quote online.

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Are You Moving From Florida To Georgia? Here’s What To Know About Georgia

Whether you love history, are moving for a better lifestyle, job, or simply want a change in the scenery because it is just time for something new, Georgia is a great place to move. According to reports, over 284,987 people moved to the peach state in 2019, 48,8734 out of Florida alone. One of the biggest reasons people move from FL To GA is the difference between living costs in both states. If you’re planning a relocation from Florida to Georgia, here’s everything you must know about this great state with rich culture and helpful neighbours.


If you’re moving from South Florida; Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or Broward County, you’ve probably been used to the typical hot, humid summers. Well, for a good part of the year, the weather in Georgia is similar to the weather in Florida.

Cost of living

Here is the good news of people looking to move from Florida to Georgia, especially from Miami or expensive cities in Broward County to Savannah, Atlanta, and other cities in South Georgia. The average difference in the cost of living is less in Georgia overall than in Florida.

Tax Differences

While one of the biggest advantages to living in Florida is its unique tax policy which doesn’t include state taxes, Georgia’s taxation system is different. The state’s base tax is 4%, and cities add an average 3% on top of that. Real estate taxes, commonly known as property tax, are less in Georgia than in Florida.

Job market

Businesses across the country love to call Georgia home. Over 35 Fortune 550 Companies are headquartered in the state. A combination of easy access to the market and workforce creates a thriving job market in the state.


What is required for a lavish lifestyle? The answer to this question will vary depending on where in GA you plan to reside.  Overall, considering the basic needs such as parks, schools, and housing tax, Georgia is a great place to retire or spend a life.

Regardless of why you choose to make Georgia your new home, Best in Broward Movers can get you there!

Is it cheaper to live in Georgia or Florida?

When looking at basic needs, such as healthcare expenses, schools, and jobs, living is slightly better in Florida than in Georgia. While Florida is renowned for its sunny beaches, Georgia is best known for its culture, helpful & educated neighborhoods, lush green parks, and employment opportunities. So, depending on what you’re looking for, both Florida and Georgia can work for your needs, provided you choose your destination wisely.

If you are stressed about the safety of belongings while moving such a long distance, you can trust Best in Broward movers for professional moving services. From packing to loading, our experts will completely take care of your move from Florida to Georgia. Start by requesting a free no-obligation quote online.

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Is Georgia safer than Florida?

Georgia and Florida both have areas where crime is high and areas where crime is lower. As a general rule, moving to a less populated area will allow you the luxury of fewer crimes. Although crime rates cannot be controlled, Best in Broward Movers will transport your belongings in a sealed, secured truck. Once we arrive at your destination of choice, our experts will quickly unload your items into your new home. Your items will be as secure as possible throughout the moving process.

Should I move from Florida to Georgia?

Since there is no state tax in Florida, people consider it among the most affordable states in the USA. However, most US citizens love the peach state for its history, green parks, and vibrant sceneries year-round. If you are looking for a nice place to move with your family or start a new job, Georgia is the best place. Although you won’t find many beaches on the ocean here, you can happily spend a weekend with your family at the many lakes and attractions the state has to offer. Do you need a professional Florida to Georgia moving company? Trust Best in Broward Movers to Get the best moving services.

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