History of Fort Lauderdale

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History of Fort Lauderdale, Florida 

Fort Lauderdale is a nautical paradise. It is often nicknamed the “Venice of America”. At the beginning of the 20th century, hundreds of canals were dug there to drain the original marshes. These canals are all connected to the Intracoastal Waterway which runs all the way down to Miami. FLL became in the wake of a rich history of over a hundred marinas where there are up to 42,000 yachts. The city is the undisputed nautical capital of the USA.

Where does the name Fort Lauderdale come from?

Fort Lauderdale takes its name from a series of forts built during the Second Seminole War. This occurred between 1835 and 1840. Major William Lauderdale who erected the first fort near what is now downtown on the New River. This city of 170,000 inhabitants can accommodate 10 million tourists. It is part of the Miami metropolitan area. With 5.5 million inhabitants, it is almost a third of the population of Florida. It is also considered one of the most pleasant cities in Florida.

The Creation of an Independent Cruise Port

Fort Lauderdale is a suburb a little far from Miami. The city has grown independent thanks to 3 phenomena.

  1. An airport that had the intelligence to receive low-cost airlines. This was the case from the very beginning, while Miami’s airport snubbed them. 
  2. The port is also very active. It welcomes cruises towards the Bahamas or the Caribbean. it has thus become the third American port. One can imagine the excitement generated by these cruise passengers on a whim.
  3. A large gay community has chosen to settle under this always sunny sky. In particular in the Wilton Manors district. The population of Fort Lauderdale increases during the winter months. Why? Because of the arrival of seasonal residents. This phenomenon is well known everywhere else in Florida. Especially in the south of the peninsula.

A City That Has Developed on the Ocean’s Edge

In the 1980s, the city center was built around Las Olas Boulevard. This particular area is now known for:

  • Shopping streets
  • Canals
  • Fashion boutiques
  • Restaurants
  • Trendy bars

It is also the corner of the art galleries. Atmosphere assured on the evenings of the beautiful season, that is to say almost all the time.