Holiday Moving Tips to Make Your Holiday Season Move Easier

At Best in Broward Movers, we know that making a move during the busy holiday season can feel overwhelming and that holiday moving tips can make a big difference. Between decorating, hosting gatherings and travel plans, the last thing you need is added stress from an impending relocation. With careful planning and the right help, you can enjoy this festive time of year without headaches from your move.

In this guide, we’ll explore practical tips from professional movers to make your holiday transition as smooth as possible:

  • When to schedule your move dates for optimal timing
  • How to pack delicate items like decorations, and gifts safely
  • What essentials to prioritize for unpacking first
  • Tips to schedule pickups/deliveries around peak traffic
  • Steps to prep your new home warmly for the holidays

By following our expert advice, you can avoid last-minute rushing or delays that could put a damper on your celebrations. Our friendly team at Best in Broward Movers is ready to handle your entire move so you can relax and focus on your family. Reach out today for a free estimate on stress-free holiday moving services.

Focus on Holiday Fun and Let Us Focus on Packing!

Plan to Avoid Rush

Plan to Avoid Rush  The holidays are a joyous time but can also feel chaotic if you’re not prepared. Making a move during this busy season requires planning to avoid unnecessary stress. Here are a few things to plan to make your move go more smoothly:

  • Set your move dates early. Most people wait until the last minute, so book well before December if possible. This gives movers time to schedule their jobs without delays.
  • Start packing well in advance. It’s tempting to put it off but you don’t want to be rushing around looking for boxes when the family is in town. Take it slow room by room so it feels less overwhelming. Be sure to clearly label each box’s contents and destination room.
  • Don’t forget to waterproof and reinforce the boxes holding delicate decor, breakables or sentimental items. Too many treasured ornaments get crushed due to poor packing. Protect those special pieces that make your home feel festive.
  • While packing the kitchen, be sure to only move open packages of food like flour, sugar or snacks. Leave heavy appliances like the washer/dryer for after the holidays when you have more time.
  • Also pack a “first night” box with essentials for your first meal in the new place like plates, utensils, pots and pans. Include toiletries, linens, over-the-counter medicines and chargers too. You’ll be glad to have these basics on hand when you arrive tired from the move.

By planning ahead and not procrastinating, you avoid the frenzied rushing that’s all too common this time of year. Our team at Best in Broward Movers is here to help every step of the way for a relaxing relocation. Give us a call today to discuss your holiday moving needs!

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Pack Smart for the Season

Pack Smart for the Season  The holidays are all about traditions, decorations and special memories. So when moving this time of year, you’ll want to protect those irreplaceable keepsakes that make your home feel festive. Here are some tips for packing them properly:

  • Start with the Christmas tree! Carefully wrap delicate glass ornaments separately in bubble wrap or tissue. Then place them all in one sturdy box clearly labelled “Fragile – Ornaments.” This saves time finding them later.
  • For lights, carefully wrap each strand around its original packaging or a paper towel roll. Secure it closed with tape to prevent tangling. Store strands in the same box or a plastic storage container.
  • Sentimental decorations like handmade ornaments from the family should go in their own labelled box. Pad these treasures with extra padding like shredded paper to keep them safe.
  • Box up your holiday décor collections together – maybe nutcrackers in one and snow globes in another. Again, pad the inside surfaces and seams of each box.
  • Gifts under the tree can go straight from store bags into moving boxes. Just be sure boxes are sealed shut and labelled “Gifts – Fragile.” Our team will treat them with extra care.
  • Don’t forget coats, boots and accessories! Pack warm clothing and accessories together in an easy-to-access box labelled “Winter Gear.”

By properly packing your special seasonal items, you can rest assured they’ll arrive intact at your new place. Our team at Best in Broward Movers will also go the extra mile with extra-fragile items if needed. Just let us know!

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Save Time on Packing Essentials

Save Time on Packing Essentials  By now, you’ve got the important seasonal items carefully packed away. But what about the everyday essentials that make your new place feel like home? Here are some tips to save time packing kitchen and bathroom necessities:

  • Only move partially used non-perishables. Leave the heavy bags for after the holidays. No sense in lugging unused weight!
  • Pack glassware and mugs together in one box, wrapping each with newspaper for protection. Place mugs in one direction and glasses facing the other to save space.
  • Roll up extension cords, power strips and cables together tightly. Secure with a zip tie or rubber band to prevent tangling in boxes or trucks.
  • Bundle cleaning supplies, toilet paper and paper towels together in one easy-to-grab box labelled “Bathroom Essentials.”
  • Group first aid, medicine and toiletries together in another marked “Bathroom.” This makes your new bathroom functional quickly.
  • Don’t forget a “kitchen start-up” box! Include a can opener, bottle opener, mixing bowls, pots, pans, and cutting boards – the basics for that first home-cooked meal. Properly packing these essentials saves unpacking time so you can relax sooner.

Let the experts here at Best in Broward Movers handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on what’s important. With our help, you’ll settle right into your new home in no time!

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Make Transportation Stress-Free

Make Transportation Stress-Free  Now that your items are carefully packed, the next step is getting everything safely to your new place. As many of you know, holiday traffic can add major stress to an already big day. Let me offer some tips to ease transportation worries:

  • When scheduling with movers, aim to move mid-week instead of weekends if possible. Tuesdays through Thursdays tend to be less busy travel days.
  • Be sure to book well in advance with a reputable company, in an area like Fort Lauderdale, like Best in Broward Movers. We invest in the right equipment and crew to handle large loads efficiently.
  • Our closed trucks protect items from weather and road grime. Plus everything is secured properly to prevent shifting during the drive. Safety first!
  • Professional movers also know the best traffic routes to cut travel time. Our team navigates roads daily so there are no surprises come moving day.
  • We’re fully licensed and insured too. So you can breathe easy knowing your valuables are covered by our policy.
  • For longer-distance moves, consider scheduling deliveries for the day after pickup to split transportation into two trips. This avoids time spent in the moving vehicle.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to unpack when arriving at your destination. Rushing leads to mistakes, so take breaks as needed.

With the right help from experts, transportation doesn’t need to be the most stressful part of moving season. Our friendly team at Best in Broward Movers handles every detail so you can relax and enjoy the holidays!

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Prepare Your Destination in Advance

Prepare Your Destination in Advance  While your movers have the heavy lifting handled, be sure to prep your new place too for a stress-free arrival. A well-prepared home means you can start settling right in.

  • First things first – give your new abode a deep clean before moving day. This way any messes from unpacking will be manageable.
  • Arrange furniture in the layout you want so boxes have a designated spot. Measure spaces in advance to avoid surprises.
  • Stock up on essentials like toilet paper, paper towels, and cleaning supplies. Hit the grocery store for fridge and pantry items too.
  • Make beds with fresh linens so you have a cosy place to rest after a long day of unpacking. Consider setting up an air mattress or couch bed too.
  • Set up WiFi beforehand if possible. Nothing kills productivity like waiting days to get online!
  • For extra holiday cheer, hang some lights or fluffy garlands around the home. Play festive music while you work to get in the spirit.
  • Jot down a floor plan or take pictures of how items were packed. This makes unpacking like a puzzle and prevents forgotten treasures.

With the destination ready to go, your new abode will feel like home in no time. Our team at Best in Broward Movers ensures a smooth move-in process too. Just say the word and we’ll have the heavy lifting done in a flash.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best time of year to move during the holidays?

Mid-week dates in November tend to be less busy than December. Just be sure to book with Best in Broward Movers early since our calendar fills fast this season!

How can I protect my holiday decorations and gifts while packing for a move?

Just follow our smart packing tips – wrap each item separately, pad boxes well and clearly label everything. Our team will treat your special items like our own!

What items should be prioritised for unpacking first in the new home?

Focus first on your “First Night Box” with kitchen and bath essentials. Then decorate a little each day so your new place feels festive ASAP!

How do I schedule pickups and deliveries around busy holiday traffic?

When booking with us, choose mid-week dates if possible. Our experienced team also knows shortcuts to beat traffic jams. 

What steps can I take to make my new home feel warm and welcoming for the holidays?

Stock up on supplies, clean thoroughly and add cosy touches like lights, music or scents. Your new place will feel like a winter wonderland in no time!

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