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Efficient Movers From Florida to Arizona

Moving from Florida to Arizona can be a stressful undertaking. The average distance between Florida and Arizona is about 2,146 miles, a 32-hour drive, but this distance can range from 1,500 to 2,550 miles. Driving this distance can be strenuous in your own car, let alone while driving a large truck or pulling a trailer.

If you are not accustomed to handling these vehicles the outcome can be extremely dangerous or even fatal. While choosing to move across the country, you want a moving company you can trust. Let your mind be at ease knowing that your belongings are in the best hands with Best In Broward Movers. All members of our staff are experienced and skilled in local and cross-country moving. We know how important the items you chose to put in your home are and we treat your belongings like they are our own. Best In Broward Movers will make this move smooth and stress-free. Call today for your free in-home estimate!

How Long Will It Take to Move From FL to AZ

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The drive from FLorida to Arizona can take anywhere between 23 and 40 hours. When planning your move, be sure to plot out your route to include rest stops for food, bathroom breaks, overnight stays, and just stretching your legs, especially if you have kids or pets.

Take into consideration accidents that may slow traffic, weather conditions, flat tires and other hazards that may add time to your drive. Please be sure to take your time and drive safely.

What Does It Cost to Move From Florida to Arizona

When estimating moving costs to any area, there are many aspects to think about. In planning your move from Florida to Arizona here are some costs to consider: 

  • Do you plan to upsize, downsize, or stay in about the same size home? 
  • Look up and understand the distance between your current location and the area to which you will be moving. 
  • Consider the time it take you to relocate
  • Consider the cost of the services you are choosing: packing, white glove, furniture disassembly/reassembly, etc. 

How much will it cost to pack and move your belongings? Call Best In Broward Movers for a free in home estimate today! Our experienced staff will assess your belongings and determine the number of boxes, moving blankets, additional supplies, and the truck space needed for your move to minimize the guess work for this part of your moving process.

In Arizona, the average home cost is $249,300 and the median rent is $1,011 for a two bedroom apartment. The average home cost in Florida is less at $231,100 , but the median rent is much higher at $1,790. Although both fall right in line with the national average, depending on your housing situation and exact specifics, you have the potential of saving quite a bit of money with your move.

Factor this into the fear you may have with the cost of hiring a professional mover. We guarantee you will look back on your Best in Broward moving experience and be glad you made the decision to make the move with the professionals!

Just as you would when hiring any service based industry, you should always call around for a few estimates for your move. This will help you set your budget and get to know who you will be working with. Remember, cheapest is not always what you should be searching for, especially when considering a moving company.

You wouldn’t just trust anyone with all of your belongings, would you? Best In Broward Movers is a trustworthy, professional company who you can trust to safely and quickly get you moved in and out without a hassle.

Whether you are moving to the historic Capital of Phoenix, the pine tree-covered mountain town of Flagstaff, Tucson, home of the University of Arizona, historical hub, Mesa, where you will find the Arizona Museum of Natural History, which contains archeological findings and dinosaur skeletons, there is no shortage of activities for the whole family in Arizona! Of course, we can’t forget about The Grand Canyon, a mile-deep chasm formed by the Colorado River.

Grand Canyon Village is a quaint city that caters to tourism for the Grand Canyon. For spas, resorts, and golf courses, look no further than Scottsdale, Arizona.If that type of papering is not your style, don’t worry, Scottsdale also has nature hiking trails through McDowell Sonoran Preserve boasting gorgeous sites of cacti, rock formations, and desert hills, in Scottsdale, you get the best of both worlds.

No matter where you decide to move, Best In Broward Movers will ensure a stress-free, smooth transition. Call today for your free in-home estimate!

Moving to Major Cities in Arizona

Efficient Movers from Florida to Arizona

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The drive from Florida to Arizona is quite beautiful. You have to drive through three states to get there, one of which is Texas, the largest state in the lower 48. The drive through Texas alone takes approximately 12 of the 35 hours from Florida to Arizona! New Mexico and Arizona offer wonderful desert landscapes, especially at sunrise and sunset.

Unfortunately, a large amount of this drive is mostly road and flat land as far as the eye can see. This drive can be mesmerizing and cause you to lose focus due to the repetitive scenery. We recommend that you take turns driving if possible and take as many breaks as you think necessary to arrive safely in Arizona.

While driving a large truck across flat lands, the wind can be extremely dangerous, causing the truck to sway and shake. Our team at Best In Broward Movers has expert drivers that are skilled, trained, and certified to handle these daunting drives safely and efficiently.

No matter the weather or distance, Best In Broward Movers will deliver. You can trust that with our full service move, all of your belongings will make it safely to your new destination. Call us today for your free in home estimate for your Florida to Arizona move!