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Moving down in the streets might be easy but moving across the state lines is a daunting task that demands perfection and foolproof strategies. If you are moving from Florida to Arizona, we’d like to share a few stats. The distance between is around 2,146 miles via I-10 W, and an average trucker drives 35 hours to cover this distance. However, if you’re moving from Miami, Fl to Phoenix, AZ, it might take up to 38 hours to reach your destination. Talking about the dangers en route to Arizona via I-10 Highway, you are always prone to a crash. Arizona highways are perhaps the boring ones that might put you on autopilot and lead to an accident. That’s why you need to hire professionals to move from Florida to Arizona. At Best In Broward Movers, we have expert drivers having expertise in driving through these states regularly. You can entrust your move with us. Start by requesting a free moving quote.


  • Moving to Major Cities in Arizona
  • Estimated Time For Moving From FL to AZ
  • What is The Cost of Moving From Florida To Arizona
  • How Best In Broward Movers Simplifies It?

Moving to Major Cities in Arizona

Whether you are moving to Phoenix’s historic city in Maricopa County or Tucson in Pima County, it is always fair to hire professionals for moving from Florida to Arizona. The reason for this is to ensure the safety of your possession while in transit. While all the moving companies move from Fl to Az via I-10, they are likely to encounter one of the 8,345 accidents on this route every year. Also, moving to remote places around the Grand Canyon is not easy. No matter where you choose to move, Best In Broward movers will ensure a stress-free, smooth transition. Call now for an in-home estimation.

Estimated Time For Moving From FL to AZ

A move from Florida to Arizona can take anywhere between 20 to 40 hours. That, too, depends on your location. Also, no driver can drive continuously; thus, consider rest stops for refreshment and bathroom breaks. Slow traffic, accidents, and weather conditions might also affect moving from Fl to Az. You can speak to our moving specialist to learn more.

What is The Cost of Moving From Florida To Arizona

Moving can do both physically exhausting and expensive too. At Best In Broward Movers, we’ll ensure it goes smooth in an economical and timely fashion. However, if you choose to move from Orlando to Tucson, it will cost you less than moving from Miami to Phoenix because the distance matters. Fill in this form and get an estimated cost to move from Florida to Arizona.

How Best In Broward Movers Simplifies It?

Driving across the desert landscapes between New Mexico and Arizona might seem exciting, but the winds can be hazardous for moving trucks, leading to an accident. At Best in Broward Movers, we have professional drivers who are trained and familiar with the route. They will ensure the utmost safety of your belongings throughout the transition. So, relax and schedule your move right now.

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