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When choosing to move from Florida to any other state, Best In Broward Movers is one of the best interstate movers Florida has to offer. We are the best choice for all of your moving and storage needs, keeping your move organized, professional, and stress free for you and your family. Best In Broward Movers provide full service moving, from disassembling your furniture, packing up the entirety of your belongings, to unpacking, reassembling and setting up your furniture in your future home. Disassembling furniture is the best way to prevent breakage or damage. It also saves a lot of room in the truck, so we can fit more items in a smaller space!

We are the top moving company in the area and our reputation precedes us. Our professional staff is eager to help make this move smooth, easy and stress free for you so you don’t have to worry about the details, leave that to us. During your move our staff will keep open communication with you from the free in-home estimate to the specifics of our plan for your moving process, you will be informed about our moving strategy every step of the way.

While moving locally may not be very difficult, moving long distances changes everything. During the packing process for a long distance move, you have to keep in mind that everything will be vibrating and tilting just as the vehicle does for extended periods of time. Every bump, every turn and every hill will cause items to move. This means there is an increased need for balancing the load, wrapping and packing fragile items tighter to prevent shifting and damage along the drive. The longer the drive, the more vibration and shifting occurs. Our expert movers have the experience and skill to proficiently load your items and avoid damage. The route from Florida to North Carolina will take you through mountainous terrain. Driving up and down steep inclines and around winding roads can be an extremely dangerous task. Let our experienced drivers haul the weight for you. We know how to navigate over various landscapes and through inclement weather that may be experienced along the way.

How long will it take to move from FL to NC

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When moving from Florida to North Carolina, depending on where you are coming from and where you are going, the drive could be between five and a half hours and just over 15 hours to complete. The average distance is about 670 miles. When planning your move it is safest to take a few days to cover this distance. You will also need to take into account the number of stops you and your family will be making. Whether it is for the bathroom, to eat, fuel up or just stretch your legs, there will be a few stops along the way, especially if you have kids or pets. Don’t forget about slow downs in traffic due to weather conditions, accidents and construction. While planning your drive, be sure to consider these inevitable factors to ensure you stay on schedule.

What does it cost to move from Florida to North Carolina

When estimating moving costs to any area, there are many aspects to think about. While moving from Florida to North Carolina here are some factors that can affect your cost: Are you upsizing, downsizing, or staying in about the same size home? What is the distance between your current location and the area you are moving to? How long will it take you to relocate? 

How much will it cost to pack and move your belongings? Call Best In Broward Movers for a free in home estimate today! Our experienced staff will assess your belongings to determine the number of boxes, moving blankets, additional supplies, and the truck space needed for your move to minimize the guess work for this part of your moving process.

The average home cost in Florida is just around the national average coming in at $231,100. The median rent is $1,790. In North Carolina, the median house cost is well below the national average at $187,300 and the median rent is $907 for a two bedroom apartment. These estimates are for the entire state, so you will need to research the exact area to which you are relocating and take into consideration the house and lot size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Once you have seen the average savings you will have simply by moving from Florida to North Carolina, you will find the cost of moving no longer seems so overwhelming.

You should always call around for a few estimates for your move, just like you would for any other service. This will help you set your budget and get to know who you will be working with. You wouldn’t just trust anyone with all of your belongings, would you? Best In Broward Movers is a trustworthy, professional company you can trust to safely and quickly get you moved in and out without a hassle.

Whether you are moving to the bustling city of Charlotte, known as a business and financial hub, Raleigh, the Capital of North Carolina, known for its universities and the Research Triangle, or Fayetteville, home of the Airborne and Special Operations Museum and other historical sites, you will love living in North Carolina. On the coast you will find beautiful beaches, some of which people travel from all over the country to visit. On the west side of the state you are surrounded by breathtaking mountainous views which are magnificent with lush trees in the summer, stunning amber hues in the fall and spectacular snowy landscapes in the winter, perfect for sledding and snowboarding.

No matter where you decide to move, Best In Broward Movers will ensure a stress free, smooth transition. Call today for your free in home estimate!

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Unlike Florida, North Carolina’s roads can be challenging. Hills, winding roads, tight city streets and precarious lanes in the mountains can be daunting to navigate. North Carolina is home to dozens of mountains that include the Blue Ridge Mountains, Appalachians, Waterrock Knob and countless more. Crossing through these environments can be dangerous and stressful even in a vehicle that’s made for the trip. While doing a self move, you will not only be driving through these various landscapes but will be pulling a trailer with your belongings or driving a big, heavy moving truck. Don’t put yourself through the stressful- and potentially dangerous- situation of navigating these difficult vehicles. If you are not experienced in driving with a trailer or a moving truck, traversing around corners, through towns and over the highlands can be extremely dangerous and even fatal. It is always best to hire professionals for everyone’s safety. Best In Broward Movers are trained, certified and insured, ready to manage your move. We offer full service moves, from packing, to shipping and unpacking. We will make this move the least stressful experience, so you can focus on other, more important things. Call us today for a free estimate for your Florida to North Carolina move!