Long Distance Moving
from Florida to Minnesota

Are you moving from Florida to Minnesota? Home to warm temperatures, beaches, and city lifestyle, Sunny Florida is drastically different from Minnesota. Minnesota is known for its outdoor activities, cold winters, lovely rural areas, ice fishing, and twin cities. The two couldn’t be further apart in distance or lifestyles. 

Both states offer exciting things to enjoy from fishing, parks, recreational activities, and both are family-friendly. Achieving a move close to 2,000 miles away can be a nightmare. Best in Broward Movers can provide customers with a free quote to assist in moving from the sunshine state to the great state. Hiring a professional saves time, money, frustration and can come at an affordable cost with exceptional service.

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Why hire professionals to move from Florida to Minnesota?

Imagine a stress-free move. It is hard to do unless you hire professionals to assist in your move. Moving long distances can be frustrating. The drive alone can be exhausting to any individual.  The exact distance from Florida to Minnesota varies depending on where in Florida and to where in Minnesota you are moving. To give a general idea of distance, West Palm Beach to Minneapolis is 1,728 miles and is estimated to take 25 hours to drive across America to conquer the move. Those numbers make flying to move to Minnesota more appealing while Best in Broward Movers assist you in your move. 

When hiring professionals, you have the luxury just to organize household items and then fly to your new permanent home. At the same time, our team wraps, packs, loads belongings into a trailer, does the extensive drive, and unloads it when arriving at your new fantastic place in Minnesota you call home. Along with moving household belongings from small items to large furniture, Best in Broward Movers can provide additional services like car transport, disassembling, and assembling furniture and storage services. 

Another reason to consider hiring professionals to move from Florida to Minnesota is the hazards of driving a large truck long distance, across the country heading north from Florida weather through many cities to Minnesota weather. Moves can occur during summers and winters. If a move is in the winter, the roads could be hazardous the more north you go. Our drivers are licensed, insured, and knowledgeable in driving in different geographical regions. 

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Long Distance Moving from Florida to Minnesota

Why hire professionals to move from Florida to Minnesota? Moving from Florida to Minnesota

Minnesota Lifestyle

Most people do not know much about the Minnesotan lifestyle beyond the rural areas, ice skating, fishing, and winter recreational activities. Minnesota is the 12th largest state in the United States, with 60% of its population living in the two cities, the “Twin Cities,” Minneapolis and St Paul. The biggest pros of moving to Minnesota are the great outdoors. With 5 National Parks, over 70 state parks, and 10,000 lakes, one could never run out of outdoor activities in the winter and summer in this large state. 

With their love for food and incredible restaurants, you’ll need all the activities you can get. Food is a lifestyle in MN. Downtown Minneapolis is a foodie’s paradise! Two Minneapolis restaurants made New York Times, “The 50 places in America we’re most excited about right now”, Owamni by the Sioux Chef along with Sooki and Mimi. Owamni focuses on all Native American cuisine compared to the Sooki and Mimi where the James Beard Award-winning chef combines Korean, Midwestern, and Latin American ingredients to deliver exquisite dishes. 

If outdoor activities like boating, fishing, hiking the land or incredible food aren’t your lifestyle choices, Minnesota is similar to Florida in shopping. The largest mall in the United States, Mall of America, is located in MN. The mall is so large that it has close to 13,000 parking spaces, 5.4 million square feet, around 500 stores, a theme park, it was given its zip code, and it has its own phone application. It is a monstrosity, a shopping wonderland for anyone whose favorite pastime is to shop. Fun fact: before it became a mall it was a sports teams stadium for the Vikings and Twins.  

Best in Broward Movers can assist you in obtaining the lifestyle Minnesotans love. Call (954)501-1225 to receive a quote today!

Long Distance Moving from Florida to Minnesota

Minnesota Weather

Unlike Florida, Minnesota experiences four seasons with a wide variety of weather, and areas like Lake Superior have their own distinct weather patterns. Hiring a team of trained and responsible drivers may be your best bet when moving to the colder Minnesota climate. Winter in Minnesota starts as early as October and can be unbearable, especially for a family who spent their entire life in Florida. Winters are below freezing (-60 degrees) with rain, sleet, blizzards, and extreme snowfall that can accumulate to over 130 inches. 

During the spring, a late snowfall may occur. Still, usually, it is a time of transition into the warmer temperatures that have triggered tornadoes outbreaks that can last until the following autumn. The heat is close to the national average in the summer, and Minnesota is excellent. The further north you go, the less hot it is during the summer, but still, Minnesota has reached near 100 degrees in the past. The autumn in Minnesota is known for the rapid decrease in temperatures and thunderstorms followed by a probable blizzard.

Moving to Minnesota from Florida

As a state with so much to offer below the national average with affordability, Minnesota is a beautiful place to move with friendly people, excellent schools, incredible restaurants, and decent professional sports teams. Moving from Florida to Minnesota can be overwhelming when doing it yourself, but you can hire Best in Broward Movers to do the work at an affordable cost. Check out our website for additional services and to fill out an online form for an accurate quote.