Long Distance Moving
from Florida to Missouri

Moving from Florida to Missouri can be very challenging, especially with a family. It is best to hire professionals and contact moving companies to prepare for such a move. At Best in Broward Movers, we have the logistics, packing services, and moving resources to provide excellent service to our valued customers.

Missouri, home to the recent Super Bowl winners, is a fantastic place to start a story. The “Show-me-state” has plenty to offer for those looking to move to the Midwest region. These include an abundance of recreational activities, outdoor adventure, affordable living, a growing market, good education, various distilleries, and a fantastic food scene, especially the barbeque.

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Why choose professional movers to move from Florida to Missouri?

An address move from Florida to anywhere else in the nation can set someone back a lot of money and be a messy deal depending on the company you hire. You can trust Best in Broward Movers to assist you in your long-distance move. It is our job to make your move easier. A long-distance move can be a challenging process, from packing up belongings to loading them onto a truck in an organized sense that doesn’t allow much movement during transport to the unpacking of belongings. Driving a large truck cross country and possible weather changes is the most challenging aspect.

Best in Broward Movers offers a free in-home estimate, and full packing services along with other services like disassembling and assembling furniture, transporting belongings, and storage services that create an exciting journey instead of a stressful one. In addition to our experience in packing and loading is our experience in driving cross country. 

Missouri is a beautiful state, but it is not a sunshine state. Moving occurs year-round, and there is a chance of snow in MO. Our drivers are licensed, insured, and familiar with driving in different geographical regions. Hiring professionals like Best in Broward Movers means you can expect the best Florida movers with the best services at the best price.

Long Distance Moving From Florida to Missouri

Reliable Long Distance Moving From Florida to Missouri

How long does moving from Florida to Missouri take?

To move from FL to MO after everything is wrapped, packed, loaded in the truck, and secured could take a few days, but the whole moving process can take a family a few weeks. Distance-wise, the fastest route from Miami, FL to St. Louis, MO is 1,216 miles and is estimated to take 17 hours and 38 minutes. The fastest route from the middle of Florida in Orlando to Kansas City, MO, is 1,238 miles and is estimated to take 18 hours and 03 minutes.

All drive times and distances can change depending on whether you visit other areas, how many times you stop, how the primary driver is feeling, weather conditions, and many other variables.

To ensure a sound arrival and to be safe during the road trip adventure to your new life, do some planning a few weeks.

What will it cost to move from FL to MO?

Florida and Missouri are in different parts of the country. Florida is the most geographically southern state in the nation, and Missouri is in the midwest region, one can only hope it is feasible to move their belongings. To DIY the move with a large 26’ Uhaul truck is estimated by Uhual for $2,193, covering five days of use and 1,526 miles. That does not include gas and means you will have to do all the work of wrapping, packing, loading, and transporting. You would also have to drive your other vehicle and tow it. It sounds absolutely stressful if moving isn’t your thing.

With such a complex move, it is recommended to contact multiple moving companies to create a moving budget and get a feel for a company you can trust. At Best in Broward Movers, you can call our amazing staff and get an in-home estimate or go online and fill out an online form that provides you with free quotes depending on what services or stage you may need.

In regards to the cost of living, Missouri is cheaper than Florida. To compare, we picked two cities, St. Louis and Miami. Overall, Miami is 48% more expensive to live in than St.Louis, with home price being the most significant factor. In food and groceries, Miami is 12.6% more expensive; In housing, Miami is 185.4% more expensive; In Health, Miami is 11.1% more expensive. Finally, in the median home value comparison, in St.Louis, it is $155,200, and in Miami, it is $398,100, which is 156.5% more expensive. However, this is a comparison of two major cities, not of the states as a whole, and are estimates. These numbers and percentages can change depending on the city, lot size, house size, and other factors.

Long Distance Moving From Florida to Missouri

Is Missouri an affordable place to live?

Overall, the cost of living in Missouri is cheaper than the national average. A data analysis constructed by BestPlaces puts Missouri at 85.9 out of 100. Some quick facts on the cost of living are $1,210 in annual property tax, 4.23% sales tax, 1.5%-5.4% in state income tax, and median home value of $194,000, and monthly rent price being ~$400 less than the average United States in addition to an annual income of ~$55,000. These numbers show that Missouri compared to other states, is affordable. Long Distance Moving From Florida to Missouri

Top destinations in Missouri to move to

According to Niche, the top 3 best places in 2021 to live in Missouri are Richmond Heights, Clayton, and Chesterfield. These places are a suburb of St.Louis with A to A+ school ratings. Richmond Heights has a dense suburban feel, great schools, and many young professionals. It makes it the best place to live.

Clayton is a liberal neighborhood that supports small businesses, has many restaurants, coffee shops, and parks, and offers residents an urban-suburban hybrid atmosphere. Finally, in Chesterfield, another dense suburban feel, most residents own their homes, many retirees live here and the neighborhood leans more conservative. The public schools in Chesterfield are highly rated.

If you are planning a long-distance move from Florida to Missouri consider Best in Broward Movers as your Florida movers. Best in Broward can offer a full-service experience, check out our 5-star rating and read our reviews, don’t miss what our valued customers are saying about us! Get a long-distance moving quote now.

Long Distance Moving From Florida to Missouri