Long Distance moving from Florida to Nevada

Moving from Florida to Nevada Nevada, home to the famous city of Las Vegas, may very well be the best new place to start your life. The “Weirdest, Wildest West” has plenty to offer for those looking to move to the western part of the United States. Unlike the East Coast, Nevada has the desert, and Sierra Nevada mountains, and is “the entertainment capital.”

As a state, it offers an abundance of outdoor adventures from fishing on Lake Tahoe to affordable living, good education, various entertainment, and an amazing food scene with dishes prepared by celebrity chefs.

Moving from Florida to Nevada is a long drive, especially with a family. To cross through Texas, Utah, and possibly Arizona can be very challenging. Preparing for such a move is a full-time job and can result in stress. It is best to hire professionals and contact moving companies to reduce your worry when moving long-distance.

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Why choose professional movers to move from Florida to Nevada?

Why choose professional movers to move from Florida to Nevada?An address move from Florida to neighboring states can set most people back in time, and money and be a messy deal depending on the matter. Trust Best in Broward Movers to assist you in your move. It is our job to make your move easier.

The time spent on a long-distance move can be a challenging process from the time packing up belongings to loading them onto a truck in an organized manner that doesn’t allow much movement during transport, to the unpacking of belongings. Most of all, driving a large truck cross country and possible weather changes can be hazardous if not properly trained. 

Best in Broward Movers can be helpful due to our free in-home estimate, and complete packing services, along with other services like disassembling and assembling furniture, transporting belongings, and storage service that create an exciting journey instead of a stressful one. We have experience in packing and loading across the country, as well as driving cross country. 

Nevada is a beautiful state but is prone to extreme heat or snow during the summer. Our drivers are licensed, insured, and familiar with driving in different geographical regions. Hiring professionals like Best in Broward Movers means you can expect the best Florida movers with the best services at the best price. 

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How long does it take to move from FL to NV?

How long does it take to move from FL to NV?  To move from FL to NV just by car without towing can be a long haul. Once everything is packed, loaded in the truck, and secured, it could take a week, but the whole moving process can take even longer. Distance-wise, the fastest route from Tampa, FL to Carson City, NV, is 2,791 miles and will take 41 hours. The fastest route from Miami, FL to Reno, NV, is 3,006 miles and will take 44 hours.

Lastly, the fastest route from Jacksonville, FL to Las Vegas, NV 2,250 miles and 33 hours. All drive times and distances can change depending on visiting other areas, the congestion of a populated state, how many times you stop, how the primary driver is feeling, weather conditions, and many other variables.

To ensure a sound arrival and to be safe during the road trip adventure to your new life, do some planning for a few weeks. If the time spent to move to this new location is intimidating, contact Best in Broward for free car shipping quotes along with our free quote on moving your belongings.

What will it cost to move from FL to NV?

What will it cost to move from FL to NV?  When estimating the cost of moving from Florida and Nevada, there are many aspects of the move to consider. These states are in different parts of the country. Will you tow or drive a truck yourself? If not, the cost depends on the company you choose to hire.

Florida is the most geographically southern state in the nation, and Nevada is located in the west. There are a few options on how to move safely and efficiently. With such a complex move, it is recommended to contact multiple moving companies to create a moving budget and get a feel for a company you can trust.

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In regards to the cost of living, Nevada is more expensive than Florida. To compare, we picked two cities, North Las Vegas and Orlando. Overall, North Las Vegas is 6.6% more expensive to live in than Orlando. However, with the move, it is expected that one would make a higher income. Housing is the most significant factor in the cost of living.

North Las Vegas is 10.1% more expensive, with the median housing cost being $29,600 more expensive.  However, this is a comparison of two major cities, not of the states as a whole, and are estimates. These numbers and percentages can change depending on the city, lot size, house size, and other factors.

Is Nevada an affordable place to live?

Is Nevada an affordable place to live?  Overall, the cost of living in Nevada is above the national average only by a little. A data analysis constructed puts Nevada places it above the national average due to housing. Buying a home in Nevada can be a process where you will find that homes are some of the highest in residential market value within the country.

On the bright side, there is no income tax, and property taxes are some of the lowest in the country, helping to lower the cost of living. In addition, healthcare is very affordable, which is an important resource for our overall well-being.

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