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When you choose to Movers from Florida to Illinois, call Best In Broward Movers for the best, stress-less move for a full-service moving experience. We give in-home estimates, packing, shipping, unpacking, and storage. Best In Broward Movers has you covered for all of your moving and storage needs? Call today for your free estimate!


Are you searching for movers from Florida to Illinois

Are you moving from Florida to Illinois? If so, call Best In Broward Movers for the best, stress-less move of your life! Best In Broward Movers’ staff is qualified, trained and experienced to manage your full service move from Florida to anywhere in Illinois. Our movers will wrap, pack and store your belongings expertly in the truck to minimize possible damage and maximize the use of available space. Our drivers are licensed, insured and certified to handle driving large moving trucks weighing thousands of pounds over various terrains and through inclement weather. Our team is standing by waiting for your call! We strive to deliver optimal service with a great attitude and professional demeanour.

How long will it take to move from FL to IL

From the southernmost point in Florida, Key West, to the Northernmost point in Illinois, Winthrop Harbor, it is an average of a 24 hour drive and over 1,600 miles. From the northernmost city in Florida, Fernandina Beach, to the southernmost city in Illinois, Cairo, it is only approximately 774 miles and about 12 hours. Realistically, relocating from any city in Florida to anywhere in Illinois could take a few days. All drive times vary depending on number of stops for food, restrooms and stretching, weather conditions, accidents, vehicle size, gas stops, and number of licensed drivers in your vehicle. Please be sure to plan out your drive to include all stops to ensure your safe arrival at the new location.

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What does it cost to move from Florida to Illinois

When estimating moving costs there are many factors you need to consider. For instance, the size of your current home versus the size of your new home, distance between locations and days needed for travel, number of vehicles and people traveling, services you are hiring for such as packing, shipping and storage. When moving from Florida to Illinois, some costs to consider will be the costs of living in each state. The average home cost in Florida is $231,100 and the median rent is $1,790. This is very close to the national average. In Illinois, the median house cost is well below the national average at $183,700 and the median rent is $1,563. Be advised that these estimates are for the entire state, so you will need to research the exact area to which you are relocating and take into consideration the house and lot size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

How much will it cost to pack and move your belongings? Call Best In Broward Movers for a free in home estimate today! Our experienced staff will assess your belongings and determine the number of boxes, moving blankets, additional supplies, and the truck space needed for your move to minimize the guess work for this part of your moving process.

Getting estimates from several companies before you decide who to trust your valued possessions with is always recommended. This is a great way to set your budget and get to know who you will be working with. When setting your budget, be sure to pad for emergency funds. This way you will be prepared in the event of a flat tire, accident, or anything else that may go wrong on your long drive. Be sure to pad your budget to include the amount of your deductible and enough for a hotel stay and food so you are ready if you get stuck staying somewhere for a few days.

Moving to Major Cities in Illinois

Whether you are moving to Chicago, Belleville, Rockford, Schaumburg, Carbondale, or any of the other amazing cities Illinois has to offer, Best In Broward Movers is the right company for you. We have experienced staff members who are eager to help make this process as stress-free and enjoyable as possible for you. If you are wanting to move from rural Florida to a city in Illinois, there are dozens of options to which our qualified staff will safely deliver your items. Illinois is home to three major universities keeping the nightlife thriving, but that’s not all Illinois has to offer! As Abraham Lincoln’s home state, Illinois boasts many historical sites such as Lincoln’s Presidential Museum, his home, and his tomb all located in Springfield. Also found in Springfield are the famous Hoogland Center for the Arts, the Springfield Theatre Centre, and, for the children, one of the largest amusement parks in central Illinois, Knight’s Action Park and Caribbean Adventure.

If an upscale lifestyle is what you are looking for, look no further than Naperville. The cost of living is nearly double the national average, but it is one of the safest places in the nation to live with amazing school systems, along with numerous shopping districts, over 130 sports complexes and parks, and many high-tech companies based here.

Another amazing city in Illinois is Buffalo Grove. This city is perfect for families, with one of the lowest crime rates in the country and top-notch school systems. Buffalo Grove has been continually featured on the Best Places to Live in the entire country.  

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No matter where you decide to move, Best In Broward Movers will ensure a stress free, smooth transition. Call today for your free in home estimate!

Recommended Movers from Florida to Illinois

While driving from Florida to Illinois, you will face many different terrains. Mountains, winding roads, back roads and highways are no easy task to traverse especially if you are not accustomed to them. Most of Florida’s residents are used to Florida’s straight, flat roads and have never had to deal with traveling through twisting roads over mountainous environments. While doing a self move, you will not only be driving through these various landscapes but will be pulling a trailer with your belongings or driving a big, heavy moving truck. Don’t put yourself through the stressful, and possibly dangerous, situation of navigating these difficult vehicles. The landscapes along this drive are incredibly beautiful. You and your family should be able to enjoy the drive and views without the anxiety of hauling a large truck. It is best to hire professionals that are competent, experienced, and qualified to manage these exact scenarios. Best In Broward Movers are trained, certified and insured, ready to manage your move. We offer full service moves, from packing, to shipping and unpacking. We will make this move the least stressful experience, so you can focus on other, more important things.

If you are planning on moving into a city in Illinois, you also need to consider the tight city streets and limited parking for a moving truck. Maneuvering through crowded, narrow streets may sometimes seem impossible. The last thing you need during a move is to back into someone’s vehicle or have difficulties fitting in a space close enough to your new place. Our drivers are experts when it comes to driving down these city streets and will find the best parking spot to fit the vehicle and be as close to your home as possible. Call Best In Broward Movers today For your Florida to Illinois move,  and let us take care of the details.