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The move from Florida to Indiana is about a 16 hour drive. This move will take you through the country roads of Georgia, and the mountains Tennessee and Kentucky where wildlife is abundant and roads are not well lit. Traversing these roads with steep inclines, declines, twists and turns can be problematic. It is safer for you to trust this move to professional drivers, who are accustomed to these trips and managing bulky, heavy vehicles. With the weight of your household behind you, stopping, turning, parking and seemingly easy maneuvers in a car can be difficult and dangerous for someone who is not certified. Trust Best In Broward Movers to safely get your possessions to your new destination. Call today for your free in home estimate! 

How long will it take to move from FL to IN

Traveling from Florida to Indiana can take anywhere between 10 and 20 hours, depending on your start point and final destination. When planning your move, make sure you allow time for rest stops for food, bathroom breaks, fueling up, and just stretching your legs, especially if you have kids or pets. If you have multiple licensed drivers, this drive may only take a day or two. Take into consideration accidents that may slow traffic, weather conditions, flat tires and other hazards that may add time to your drive. No matter how many drivers you have in your vehicle, please be sure to take your time and drive safely!

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What does it cost to move from Florida to Indiana

When estimating moving costs to any area, there are many aspects to think about. In planning your move from Florida to Texas here are some costs to consider: 

  • Are you planning on upsizing, downsize, or staying in about the same size home? 
  • Are you buying or renting?
  • Consider how long it will take you to relocate depending on distance
  • Consider the cost of the services you are choosing: packing, white glove, furniture disassembly/reassembly, etc. 

The average home cost in Indiana is $142, 600 with a median rent is $825 for a two bedroom apartment! This is well below the national average and far less expensive than Florida. The average home cost in Florida is $88,500 more at $231,100, and the median rent is also much higher at $1,790. It is likely that you will save a decent amount of money after this move. While hiring a professional moving company can be stressful and confusing, Best In Broward Movers takes the guesswork out of your move. When you call Best In Broward Movers, we guarantee you will look back on your moving experience and be glad you made the decision to make the move with the professionals!

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Free In-Home Estimate from FL to IN

How much will it cost to pack and move your belongings? Call Best In Broward Movers for a free in home estimate today! Our experienced staff will assess your belongings and determine the number of boxes, moving blankets, additional supplies, and the truck space needed for your move to minimize the guess work for this part of your moving process.

Before hiring any service based industry, you should always call around for a few estimates. It’s no different with a moving company! This will help you set your budget and get to know who you will be working with. Remember, cheapest is not always what you should be searching for, especially when considering a moving company. You wouldn’t just trust anyone with all of your belongings, would you? Best In Broward Movers is a trustworthy, professional company who you can have confidence in to safely and quickly get you moved in and out without a hassle.

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Best In Broward is rated number 1 in full service moving! We handle everything from packing and disassembling your larger furniture, to loading and transporting, unloading, unpacking and reassembly of furniture! We are experts at moving your fragile items too, to include pianos! And, if you chose to store some or all of your belongings, we do that too! Best In Broward Movers in the best one stop shop for all of your moving needs and we treat every customer like family. We know how demanding and tense moving can be, that’s why we make every move smooth and hassle free so you don’t need to sweat the small stuff! Call today for a free in home estimate, and we’ll handle the rest!