Long-distance moving from Florida to New Hampshire

In the heart of New England is New Hampshire, a desirable state that is known as the Switzerland of America. New Hampshire has many admirable attributes for a small state, from the mountains to the ocean. Made up of a few cities and many quaint places, one would have nothing but a positive experience moving to New Hampshire.

Long-distance relocating is more than a DIY move and can cost more too, something to be expected when adding more distance, more time involved, and possible property damage if household goods are not loaded correctly. It is best to look into moving companies and hire professional movers with long-distance experience. The trained professionals at Best in Broward can make the move stress-free by taking care of all aspects of the relocation. 

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Why hire professional movers?

Why hire professional movers?  Every move faces some challenges, and long-distance moves face even more, especially when moving from one side of the east coast to the other. Moving household goods a further distance can result in breakage if not packed and loaded onto the truck properly, belongings could break. Experienced movers have a comprehensive list of needed supplies and tasks.

  • bubble wrap all fragile items
  • pack the home entirely
  • load the truck and transport it to your new home
  • unload the truck and reassemble any furniture. 

In addition, hiring professional movers saves time and creates a stress-free move. Central Florida to the southern region of New Hampshire is a 21 hour 41 minutes drive, 1,408 miles. Between all the organizing, packing, loading, and transporting, it could become a month-long project if it is a DIY move. Experienced movers can have the house packed within a day or two, transported to the new home within two days, and unloaded within a day. 

Lastly, driving a large moving truck to a new geographical region can be hazardous if unfamiliar with the weather. Our professional drivers have the experience and miles under our belt to execute any move safely. Still, most individuals moving from Florida are used to driving in city conditions with excellent weather. The move could happen during winter. If so, other states outside of Florida may not have ideal driving conditions. Hiring a professional moving company is better for safety, moving, and other reasons.

If a long drive like that concerns you, it could be best to fly up and rent a car for a day while you ship the vehicle(s), saving on the extra expenses. A moving service like Best in Broward Movers, the best in Florida moving, can handle all your moving needs. Call to speak to a move coordinator, who will discuss move size with you, produce and give a free quote breaking down the costs. We can also provide. car shipping quotes

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5 Best towns to move to in New Hampshire

5 Best towns to move to in New Hampshire  Who has excellent maple syrup, fresh seafood, and extraordinary mountain views? The great “Live Free or Die” state, New Hampshire. New Hampshire has regularly voted a state to live in due to how much it offers for such a small state, top-notch education, vast economic opportunity, landscape views, and the lack of sales and state income tax. 

When picking the top 5 best places to move to in New Hampshire, factors were taken into place, total amenities, cost of living, crime statistics, economy, and weather. After those considerations, the top 5 places to move to were: Hanover, Lebanon, Keene, Exeter, and Portsmouth. 

  1. Hanover- The smallest of the top 5 places, but biggest on charm. Hanover is home to Dartmouth College. According to Movoto, it “holds first place in commute time and employment ranking, so you know this is a fantastic place for workers.” Nestled near the Appalachian Trail, Hanover offers tons of summer and winter recreation. The atmosphere, work-life, and nature aesthetics rank high, and so does the median home price. The median home is $473,000.
  2. Lebanon- Known for its Lebanon Opera House and other live music venues, some would call Lebanon musical. Located near the Vermont border, Lebanon has a suburban, urban atmosphere. With a plethora of restaurants, parks, coffee shops, and local delights, many young professionals have migrated to Lebanon, making it a liberal city.
  3. Keene- Fun fact: the downtown of Keene was used as the filming site for the 1994 movie Jumanji with Robin Williams. A densely populated suburb with many shops, Keene is primarily a young professionals’ town focusing on the college students who reside within the town’s limit. 
  4. Exeter- A suburban more country atmosphere. Known for its UFO festival, capital of the Revolutionary War, and as one of the safest places to live in the state of New Hampshire, Exeter is pretty stellar. Exeter has the best location and friendliest folks, just an hour from Boston and minutes from the shoreline. Great for families.  
  5. Portsmouth- The third oldest city in the nation and the first city on the list with plenty to do. In this city, there are many places to shop, mouthwatering restaurants, three different breweries. Also, it is right near the ocean. Unlike most cities, Portsmouth has a meager crime rate. It is the perfect place to raise a family or young professionals.
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Cost of living– New Hampshire

Cost of living– New Hampshire  Comparing New Hampshire to Florida in multiple cities showed that New Hampshire has a higher cost of living. Except for one big city comparison, Tampa, FL, and Manchester, NH. Manchester was cheaper in consumer prices, groceries, rental, local purchasing. What is most interesting, though, is Tampa cost more even though Manchester paid a higher wage. 

Overall, BestPlaces states New Hampshire is above the country average. At a score of 105.4 where the average is 100, housing and utilities are the main components that put the state annually above the nation’s average. Locals will tell you it is worth paying more for the quality of the New England region. 

Regarding moving to New Hampshire cost, moving costs vary depending on the Hampshire movers or Florida movers hired. If moving from Florida to New Hampshire, it is best to contact Florida moving companies compared to Hampshire moving companies. 

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Things to do in New Hampshire

Things to do in New Hampshire  A New Hampshire move offers so much outdoor recreation from its stretch of 18-mile shoreline to the summit of Northeast’s highest peak. It’s no wonder the most popular thing to do in New Hampshire besides rest is a hike. New Hampshire is known for its views, seasons changing, and crisp streams that cut through the landscape. 

Mount Washington and Franconia Notch are two of the biggest outdoor attractions. On a clear day, you can see Mount Washington in 4 different states, whereas Franconia Notch is lower, an 800-foot-long crack in the rock base of Mount Liberty. Both are a sight to see. Beyond the most famous natural attractions are historic houses, tax-free shopping, winter recreations, covered bridges, and so much more to do when moving from Florida to New Hampshire.

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