Long-Distance Moving from Florida to Ohio

Are you looking into long-distance moving from Florida to Ohio? Maybe you got tired of the heat and want to experience the snow or got a new job. Either way, moving to the Buckeye State with changing seasons will be a positive transition for any family or young professional. Ohio is full of beautiful landscapes, incredible history, and great cities like Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus.

Beyond the gorgeous aesthetics such as the landscape, Ohio ranks as one of the best states for businesses and those who want to expand their career to a state of upward economic mobility.  Ohio has a low cost of living, phenomenal schools, and many activities, from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to the Cleveland Museum. Once you see Cincinnati, Columbus, or Toledo, you’ll know why many have decided to move from one part of the country to this exquisite state!

Many large manufacturing companies started in the Buckeye State, such as Krogers, Macy’s, Goodyear, Cintas, etc. Recently, the state has been going through an economic revolution from manufacturing to creative entrepreneurs and tech-savvy college grads who have graduated from one of the excellent universities in Ohio and decided to stay. During this evolution, the major cities have stayed above the national average in opportunity and below the national average in cost of living.

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How much does it cost to move from Florida to Ohio?

How much does it cost to move from Florida to Ohio?  A long-distance move across the southeast to the midwest can be expensive and stressful. Moving one’s items is already tricky, but moving them roughly 1,100 miles away can make it even more difficult. That is why it is best to contact moving companies. At Best in Broward Movers, our professional moving company offers a fair price to clients for our exceptional moving and packing services to save you the headache. Moving from FL to OH can cost a few thousand dollars. Many factors go into pricing a move from the actual distance, the move size, additional packing services, and the time of year.

The best way to receive an accurate quote on moving your items is to contact Best in Broward Movers with your moving information. This helpful information will allow us to write up a free estimate for our services. Whether you are moving from Orlando to Akron, Tampa to Dayton, or Clearwater to Columbus, moving day can be stressful, and we want to make your move to your new life stress-free.

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Most Popular Cities to Live in Ohio

Most Popular Cities to Live in Ohio  The three major cities in Ohio are Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati. Moving to these places can offer affordability compared to  Orlando, West Palm Beach, Tampa, or Clearwater. 

  • Cleveland– Cleveland is the most affordable city in the state. The residents are mostly young professionals, entrepreneurs, and students. Ranked one of the top fifty entrepreneurial-friendly cities globally, Cleveland offers so much! Recent revitalization, a boom in infrastructure, and public transportation have made this city easy to enjoy. Ranked by Time Magazine as the seventh-best food city in the United States, Cleveland is eccentric in food and arts. Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Orchestra, the Children’s Museum of Cleveland, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Great Lakes Science Center are all located in Cleveland.   
  • Columbus– Columbus is the capital and home to a great education system, a comfortable lifestyle, and home to Ohio State Buckeyes. Columbus is known for its beautiful downtown, stunning skyline, multiple parks, farmer’s markets, and craft breweries. There is no shortage of things to do in Columbus. In recent years, Ohio movers have flocked to Columbus for its creativeness in fashion design and lower cost of living compared to New York and Los Angeles.  
  • Cincinnati– Cincinnati is home to the Bengals, Reds, and many gorgeous parks, including Eden Park and Riverfront Park, which run along the Ohio River. Cincinnati allows you to experience city life while enjoying the outdoors. Cincinnati is a breathtaking city positioned along the Mississippi River with rolling hills and tons of characters. Like the rest of the state, Cincinnati is very affordable. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is between $900-1,200 per month. Most families and young professionals flock to Cincinnati to take advantage of the low cost of living with big-city amenities.
  • Beyond the great cities are many other lovely towns to live in, such as Akron, Dayton, Toledo, Kent, or even small towns like Streetsboro. 

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Benefits of Moving to Ohio

Benefits of Moving to Ohio   The list of benefits of moving from Florida to Ohio is long. Ohio has exceptional city life, affordable living with low state income tax and affordable housing, world-class healthcare, outstanding education, and many recreational opportunities. It is centrally located in the middle to the northern part of the eastern side of the country. You can get to Chicago, New York, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia from Ohio within a day’s trip!

Some call Ohio the flyover state. This is for two reasons. It has a history with the Wright brothers and it is one of the most breathtaking states from above when looking at the foliage, frozen waterfalls in the winter, and wildflower fields in the spring.

The moving industry has experienced an influx in moves to Ohio due to its affordability. The cost of living in Ohio is 6.9% lower than the national average. With housing prices still low, young families and professionals can still fulfill the American Dream of buying a home. 

Multiple universities and hospitals within Ohio are ranked top in the nation. The Cleveland Clinic is known around the world for its cardiology and heart surgeries, just like 

Ohio State University is ranked one of the best public universities in the nation. 

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Hire Professional Movers from Florida to Ohio

Hire Professional Movers from Florida to Ohio   Moving to Florida requires searching the logistics, time, and money, especially when moving across the country. To save yourself the trouble of configuring logistics and to save time, hire a professional moving company like Best in Broward to assist you in starting your new life in the Buckeye State. We are familiar with the requirements of moving large furniture, packing, loading into the truck, transporting, and unloading. Our moving company also offers car transport so your family can just fly for ultimate convenience during your Ohio moving experience.

Once our professional movers visit your house and know the actual distance, we can provide a fair quote for the move from Florida to set up a schedule and assist you in moving from Florida to Ohio. Ohio moving companies offer nothing when compared to our services! Whether looking to move closer to lake Erie or simply longing for the vast expanse of land, Ohio just may be the perfect state for you!

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You can rely on Best in Broward Movers to help you move quickly, efficiently, and worry-free, regardless of the size of the home you are moving. Moving north from Florida to Ohio is not just another move, so we are here to help! We provide free quotes and car shipping quotes.