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One of the rare moments when the jacuzzi is not only for relaxing and chilling out is when you have to move it.

If you would like to move and take your spa with you, we are able to arrange for the removal of your spa. If you have sold your spa or if you have bought a used spa, we can take care of delivering it for you.

A hot tub is not so light. It is often tricky to handle and can become dangerous to operate. We will take care of unplugging the spa to be all removed and packing it up to protect it. When we arrive at our destination, if you wish, we can connect it and put it in the water. We are well equipped with handling equipment. That already allowed us to deliver more than 100 hot tubs each year. In the event of an accident, the removal of a spa is then covered by our insurance.

Contact us. A technician will call you to confirm the feasibility and establish a quote very fast.

How much does it cost to move a hot tub?

If you have a spa and need to move it, you can be sure that this will not be an easy task. No matter if you want to move it to a new location or in your own garden. But if you plan it well and with the right equipment, it is definitely doable.

This type of delicate move requires technique and skill. This includes:

  1. Handling
  2. Loading
  3. Transport

The exact cost will depend on several factors.

  1. Your location
  2. The distance of the move,
  3. The size of your spa!

If you hire professional spa movers, you should expect to pay around $350 to $400.

The most important thing is to always have good insurance coverage. Understand the terms and conditions should a problem arise during the move.

Can I move a hot tub by myself?

A spa, unlike a swimming pool, can follow you when you move. You may also need to change its location within your property. Whatever the nature of the relocation, it is best to seek professional help for such a large and heavy item.

Did you know that a spa measuring 56 square feet can weigh up to 900 pounds without water? With water, the weight increases to about 6,000 pounds! So it’s not surprising that you have to plan everything well to move it.

Here are a few reasons why you should contact professionals:

  1. To move your spa to your new home, you need to make sure that the transport truck. Whether rented by you or owned by the moving company, it has to have the capacity to accommodate the spa. This, of course, depends on the size of your hot tub.
  2. Moving a spa requires a lot of strength. You must have the help of at least six other people.
  3. The hot tub may be stuck in a corner of your yard. It can be in your basement or on your terrace. In that case, you may need to go up and down some steps.

To avoid all these difficulties, our staff will be happy to do it for you. Our company is always committed to offering you different levels of removal services. From the simplest to the most complete formula, there is something for everyone.

When getting ready to move a hot tub, keep these important facts in mind:

  • New hot tubs can be always moved, any time
  • Used tubs should be only moved when it is at least 32 degrees outside. This will help protect your investment
  • Be sure to prep the area where you will be moving your hot tub to. Feel free to contact us and we will help you with preparing your final destination. For example, we will discuss the type of padding you should use for underneath your hot tub.

For the safe moving of your spa, we have the appropriate equipment for spa transportation. Our courteous staff always pays attention to detail and a job well done.

Who moves hot tubs in Fort Lauderdale?

We specialize in the relocation of all types of spas. This also includes portable above-ground hot tubs. Our equipment is now designed especially for this type of relocation. Our movers have acquired the necessary knowledge over many years of activity. This allows our company to always please our customers. Each relocation is all carried out in a safe, efficient, and professional manner.

Best in Broward Movers is a top-notch hot tub moving company. We will not only provide you with affordable pricing. We will also provide you with comfort. Know that you have entrusted your hot tub move to professionals who know how to get the job done.

Best in Broward is always looking for improvement. We make sure to always have new means of bringing you excellent quality service. Our friendly professional crew will always provide you a helping hand. Wherever you need it. You will love our enthusiasm. We will be giving you excellent work. Enjoy a superior customer service that you will not find anywhere else.

Our safe and meticulous spa transportation service will meet all your requirements. No matter if you are a simple homeowner or a spa retailer. For us, every move or spa transport is unique and customized to meet the exact needs of our customers. Your hot tub will be always moved or relocated in a safe way. Insurance included.

We offer the following services:

  1. Short or long distance hot tub transportation
  2. Spa relocation within the same lot
  3. Personalized service

We guarantee:

  1. Delicate methods
  2. Adapted equipment
  3. Experienced staff

For more information on our spa moving services, contact us. Rest assured that we will meet all your expectations.

Call Best in Broward Movers at 954-501-1225.

Pool Table Movers

hot tub mover - best in broward mover
Pool Table Movers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Transporting a pool table is not the easiest job. This type of transport is not only ordered by billiard clubs. We are also needed by various entertainment centers and private individuals. In the latter case, the degree of difficulty is a little bit higher. Individuals order transport of the pool table to their place. This makes the maneuver space much more narrow. We provide all the transport and installation services for it.

Besides their large size and unusual dimensions, pool tables weigh quite a lot. Of course, the weight may vary depending on the type of materials from which the pool table is all made.

Are you moving, reselling, or buying a pool table? Our pool table movers intervene everywhere in Florida to dismantle, transport, and reassemble it.

Contact our sales department. You will receive a quick proposal.

How Much Does it Cost to Move a Pool Table?

Moving a pool table is never an easy operation. The good news is that there are very skilled movers who can help us move our belongings. The cost of the service depends on several factors. Those include the distance, the complexity of the task, or the moving formula that you chose.

Depending on the company, you can expect to pay between $700 and $1000 for a pool table move. For your information, the price for the installation of a pool table varies according to its size. It ranges from $200 to $600.

To find out exactly what you are dealing with moving costs, make a free online estimate. This is useful whether you want to estimate the cost of moving all your belongings or only the pool table. Our company offers a free estimate solution to find out the cost of moving.

You must think about the elements that may affect the move itself. Not only the budget or the specific package. We have to measure the degree of difficulty involved in transporting to the new location.

  • If you are moving furniture into a building. How many floors there are before you arrive at your apartment? Is there an elevator or do you have to use the stairs?
  • If the building does not have an elevator. Does the elevator shaft offer suitable transport space?
  • And if the stairs are straight. Does the height between the ceiling and the stairs allow passage? A crane may be sometimes needed to lift the pool table if you do not want to ask for it.

There is also the constraint of the schedule. The choice of the day and time you move is also very important.

Can I Move a pool table by myself?

Transporting your billiard table by your own means is a cheaper alternative. But you will still have to pay, especially for the hire of a removal truck.

It is important to trust a team of pool table movers who specialize in this type of transportation. This is the safest procedure for a smooth move of this fragile equipment. Our moving experts do not only take care of the transportation of goods. They take care of the different steps of the move. Those include dismantling, transportation, and reassembling the table.

Depending on your property, there are two solutions for transporting a pool table. The first is to dismantle it, and the second is to keep it intact. For both options, the intervention of our teams will bring you great relief.

The process of moving pool tables with dismantling takes place in 3 steps:

  1. Our experienced movers take care of the complete dismantling of the hobby furniture. Since the table is all disassembled into different parts, it is the best time to change the carpet.
  2. While taking care to pack the most fragile parts, the team transports the entire table.
  3. Then, the movers proceed to its assembly once it arrives at the new location.

Moving a pool table without dismantling is also possible. Is access to the moving and the relocation site is convenient? Then you may consider loading the billiard table untouched into the truck. But this is no easier than dismantling. A pool table is very heavy. Leave it to the movers. That’s our job and we have the necessary equipment. The use of 4 trolleys placed under each foot will allow the pool table to be well maneuvered.

Our pool table movers will make sure to :

  1. Protect the most fragile areas that could be sometimes damaged during transport. This includes, for example, the corners and legs of the pool table.
  2. Protect your pool table. They will use special pool mat covers or moving pads combined with bubble wrap. The bubble wrap can’t be in contact with the wood as this may cause condensation and stain the wood.
  3. Cover the whole pool table with a special moving blanket.
  4. Place a blanket on the floor of the removal truck to lay your table the flattest.

Who moves pool tables in Fort Lauderdale?

Best In Broward Movers will move you through your city and the whole county of Florida.

Our main goal is customer satisfaction and happiness. We achieve this by providing a wide range of removals. This includes pool table transportation and furniture shipment at the highest level.

Depending on the type of order, we will estimate our work in the most favorable way for the client. Sometimes it only takes a phone call or a short message to receive a specific quote. For more complicated removals the quote is often made upon arrival.

Thanks to our qualified staff we can guarantee well secured, safe transport. With us, the change of location will take place without any effort or stress. The dates and costs of removals, as well as the offers, are all adjusted to the individual needs of the client.

Our pool table movers are:

  • Fast
  • Safe
  • Inexpensive
  • Professional
  • Reliable
  • Punctual
  • Flexible
  • Pro-active

Call us at 954-501-1225 to arrange a moving date. We will adjust the terms of service and date to your needs.

Moving From Fort Lauderdale to Fort Myers, Florida

Author: Thomas Newman

fort lauderdale to fort myers

The distance between Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Fort Myers, Florida is roughly 140 miles. 



BedroomsMoving Estimate
Studio$390 – $600
1$630 – $890
2$890 – $1210
3$1180 – $1570
4$1500 – $1950
5+$1840 – $2370


Moving from Fort Lauderdale to Fort Myers


Moving is often associated with a high degree of stress. It is also a test of your organizational skills. No matter the distance, you have to invest a lot of time putting things in order, prepare, and pack them. Particular attention should be also paid to delicate items that need extra protection. You also need to find a transport solution. Once you do, you need to charge your things inside and out of the truck.


Hiring a moving company will save you from all this hustle. Professional movers will enable you to get to the right place at the right time.


Everything You Should Know When Moving to Fort Myers


Moving to Fort Myers offers a great number of new opportunities. Do you want to escape bad weather? Do you love tanning on the beach or surfing on the saves? Are you a wildlife enthusiast? Whatever you are looking for, you found the right place. Fort Myers offers all the above.


Here is a quick overview of the city:

  1. The cost of living is lower than in both Florida and the US.
  2. Job offers grow higher than the national average.
  3. The climate is tropical. The rainy season stretches from June to September.
  4. High-quality education is available for your kids.
  5. It is a big tourist hub. The Southwest Florida International Airport is in the southeast of the city.


Living in Fort Myers is Both Peaceful and Attractive


The region of Fort Myers is home to some twenty natural parks. You can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, and wildlife observation.


Every year in May and October, giant sea turtles come to the beaches of the region to lay their eggs. When the night falls, it is possible to witness, the rush to the sea of small turtles. And at sea, large Atlantic dolphins dive to the delight of cruise passengers.


Are the names of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford sounding familiar? This is where they filed their patents. History enthusiasts will also enjoy the Fort Myers Historical Museum. The latter traces the history of the whole region.


Why You Should Hire a Moving Company When Moving to Fort Myers


Moving to Fort Myers? Here are a few reasons why you should use the services of a moving company:


1) Logistical Convenience


Experienced employees will help you pack your things into the vehicle. They will take into account their size and materials. The skillful arrangement of objects during transport will help to avoid unpleasant surprises. Items are all fixed with special safety belts. Not a single glass will break during the transport.


2) Saving Money


Hiring a professional removal company can save you a lot of money. Transporting things by car on your own is always associated with the need for many courses. This increases gas consumption. Moving by yourself often also requires hiring people to help you carry loads. When paying for everything in a separate way, you end up paying extra costs. So it is not worth looking for alternatives that can only seem cheaper.


3) Saving time


During the move, time itself is often very important. Many clients commit themselves to leave their existing apartment on a specific date. This becomes an extra source of stress. Professionals will do the hard work for you in a couple of hours only. They can also transport your goods while you take care of other things.


What to Look For in a Moving Company?


The choice of the professional who will carry it out is a key step. Knowing this highly-competitive market is not easy. Especially with the new offers that are pouring in on the Internet.


Once you’ve set your sights on three or four companies, the estimate they give you can make a difference. Beware of movers who do not make a prior visit to your home.


Is the estimate carried out from a distance? In this case, you may be then considered responsible for a wrong assessment of your goods’ volume. A technical visit is also an opportunity to discuss with the mover all the points that are important to you.

Enjoy Moving to Fort Myers With Best in Broward


Best in Broward will help you get from Fort Lauderdale to Fort Myers. Life is about choices. We offer you the flexibility of choosing different packing options. Choose the one that best suits your particular needs. You can create a custom moving plan for a customized moving price that is perfect for you.


Full-service packing allows you to sit back and relax. Our residential movers pack your entire household meanwhile. With specialty packing, our household movers will only pack your most fragile items. This includes glass tabletops, breakable figurines, or other objects. To protect your former and new homes, we lay protective material for your floors. We often use banister covers, wall coverings, and rubber-wheeled dollies. Those keep your home free from damage during your move. You can also pack your own items if you feel more comfortable doing so.


We’ve left no stones unturned while designing our household moving service. You have options. You can feel secure in knowing that we take every measure to ensure the safety of your home. All your belongings are in safe hands during your household/office move. Best in Broward Movers offers affordable moving and exceptional service. It became the most reputable moving company in Florida.

  • Affordable pricing – If you find a better price, we will beat it.
  • Full service moving – This service option allows you to sit back and relax while we take care of it all. We will pack, load, transport, unload, and reassemble your entire home for one low price.
  • Flexible packing options – We can pack as little or as much as you’d like.
  • Protective measures against damage – You might feel more comfortable leaving us fragile items.
Get in touch now at 954-501-1225.

News Release: Fort Lauderdale Movers You Can Trust – Best In Broward Movers

How to find a moving company in Fort Lauderdale?

Well, if ever moved home or place of business, this question probably popped into one’s head many times over! Hiring a professional moving company on the internet is not as easy as just plugging it into Google – Best Moving Company in Fort Lauderdale. The search engines are going to assume that the listing they put onto the first page are all trustworthy, yet they are not! A lot of the first page listings in the moving category are big box directories and phony websites seeking information to sell! There are many large nationwide moving franchises, and that’s just what is delivered – a cookie-cutter non-personal moving experience. If you want the best moving experience in Fort Lauderdale, call Thomas Newman at Best In Broward Movers! Over 300 5 Star Reviews on Google, this locally owned and operated moving company are the movers you can trust!

Which moving company is the best?

What certainly makes the best moving company? Simply put, respect for the customer. Moving is one of the most stressful events of someone’s life and should be handled with care! It is not easy to move. Period. Planning helps the anxiety, stress, and fear – yet so many still struggle with the process. Best In Broward Movers goes above and beyond for these customers. Offering white glove service – wrapping, packing, moving, unpacking, shelving – allows Best In Broward to make sure any move is smooth! Moving the elderly is an excellent reason for a white glove move – memory care moving, nursing home moving, elderly moving – trust the Best In Broward White Glove Moving Service! What other services does Best In Broward Movers offer?

  • Fort Lauderdale Storage Solutions – clean, safe, secure storage, short or long term, for your possessions
  • Packing Services – wrapped, boxed, tapped, moved: does that sound easy enough?
  • White-Glove Relocation – this is the highest level service Thomas has to offer with Best In Broward Movers!
  • Piano Movers – news flash, pianos are really heavy. Professional piano movers recommend: Best In Broward Piano Movers
  • Residential Moves – HOA, high rise apartment, tight community complexes, yup, Tommy has dealt with it all!
  • Commercial Moves – these are a lot of fun. Big heavy furniture, bulky equipment, bulging boxes. Tommy’s team can handle that!
  • Quick Move/Minimum Moves – Great customer relations. Prompt and well equipped.

7 Tips for Hiring the Best Mover

  1. Inquire how long the moving business has been in business
  2. Inspect the license & insurance
  3. Discuss the moving services that are offered
  4. Most importantly, cross-reference the moving companies online reputation and Google Reviews
  5. Ask about their crew, the process, and the equipment
  6. Check what Facebook says about them –
  7. Don’t look for the best, hire the best – Best In Broward Movers

With these tips, leverage what is now known when seeking the most pleasant moving experience. Use resources to ensure the move will go smooth as silk. Call Thomas Newman at Best In Broward Movers to ensure the best move ever!

Hiring the best moving company in Fort Lauderdale

It might not be as simple to just look online for the best moving company in Fort Lauderdale. Lots of wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing. Thomas and his trusted movers in Fort Lauderdale are eager to give the five-star moving experience everyone deserves. Their motto is “Let the experience move you” and Thomas ensures the quality of his customers’ moving experience! Best In Broward Movers is the best moving company and the one trusted by so many. Based on moving quotes collected, Tommy is not the cheapest mover out there, but the reputation in the community and peace of mind move is well worth the investment! Why find a cheap move to relocation your antiques, art, mirrors, flat-screen TVs, designer clothes, designer shoes? Reputation is everything in the moving industry. Hiring the best moving company in Fort Lauderdale is a matter of finding the movers with the best reputation!

Seek the best and thy shall find the best!

*Thomas Newman, the owner of Best In Broward Movers, has been moving families for over a decade. His passion for the move allows him to seek the best moving crew in South Florida. Continuously striving for excellence, this local mover and his honorable staff are a trusted moving company by many real estate brokerage. Tommy is the best mover for the next relocation. 954-501-1225 

Moving from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando

Author: Thomas Newman

The distance between Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Orlando, Florida is roughly 211 miles. 



BedroomsMoving Estimate
Studio$590 – $700
1$830 – $990
2$1090 – $1310
3$1380 – $1670
4$1700 – $2050
5+$2040 – $2470

*These are just estimates, please call us and discuss your needs in particular!

Ready to move from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando?

Moving is not always an easy thing. To make it a success, you not only need human resources but also means of transport. Whether it is a private or company move, the best solution is to contact a professional mover.


Are you moving from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando? Are you looking for a reliable and experienced moving company? Do you want a formula adapted to your needs and your budget? Get in touch with Best in Broward Movers.


Whatever your reasons for moving may be, here are some tips to help you do it well.


Everything You Need to Know When Moving to Orlando


When moving to Orlando, you need to know that it’s the most visited destination in the United States. Disney World and Universal Studios contribute a lot to this popularity. But there are also many benefits to living in Orlando. This city offers locals a lot more than only shows or attractions.

See the ranking by yourself:

  • 8th best places to live in Florida
  • 63rd best places to live
  • 8th fastest-growing places

Here are some of the main concerns when people are moving to Orlando:

1) Costs

Real estate here is a little more expensive than the national average. But the costs of daily expenses are comparable to those of other metropolitan areas of this size.

2) Weather

It is always nice and warm. The sun is out all year long. Rain falls during summer.

3) Transportation

There are plenty of places to walk. This includes lakefront paths and wooded trails. But most places are not at a walkable distance, and having a car is very much advisable.

Hiring a Moving Company


If you run a business, you know the importance of details, and you value organization. This is why you should leave your move in the experienced hands of professional movers. They will ensure that everything is well placed according to your instructions. They will also keep everything categorized during the whole moving process.

Moving companies are very helpful as they help you move a lot easier and faster. Hiring the right company will make you see the difference between a smooth move and a stressful one. A good company will take care of small details by designing a detailed and proficient plan. Some types of moves need a complex procedure and heavy equipment. Others ask for short deadlines. A good moving company will be able to handle any size of the move. It will offer a procedure that is both efficient and saves you a lot of money.

A moving company often provides packaging, cartons, and transportation services. The movers also take care of the assembly and dismantling of the furniture. The only thing you have to do is enjoy your new place.

Moving to Orlando with the Right Moving Company

Moving to Orlando and can’t decide which moving company to call? You want to experience your move in the best possible conditions. There are many moving services available. Some are more efficient and more reputable than others. Here are the points to take into account to make the best decision:

1) Equipment

Some companies only rent their equipment when they have a customer. While this is not a bad thing in itself, it can cost you more and the service may not be as full as it could be.

2) Movers

Employee training is an important selection factor. Know to whom you entrust your valuable assets.

3) Customer Support

Some companies are only interested in what they can get from you. A better solution is to approach them without showing interest.

4) Customer service

A good removal company will continue to respond to you even after receiving your money. This will allow possible mistakes to be then fixed free of charge.

5) Trust

It would be a shame if your belongings were all stolen or damaged during the move. Don’t give your trust right away. Check previous customers’ online reviews.

6) Expenses

Check out the trade review sites. Compare different rates. Don’t be afraid to spend money on good service. But don’t fall into a trap: don’t overpay, and don’t underpay.

7) Speed

No one wants to extend the moving process. The movers must be able to get in and out of your house in a fast and smooth manner. You respect their schedule, they have to respect yours.

8) Services

Each removal company offers different services. Some even offer free services. See what suits you best.

9) Reputation

The more reputable a company is, the more you can trust it. Large companies have high expectations of their employees. They do not allow low-quality performance. The services and quotations offered will then be credible.


How to Avoid Scammers

Nowadays, all moving companies respond to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). It is now linked to the Federal Department of Transportation. Are you moving from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando? Make sure that the moving staff has enough experience. Check that the company has a licence and insurance. Also, compare prices to be sure that you will get a good deal for the type of service you are seeking. before jumping into conclusions, it can be useful to make a list of potential companies. Check their backgrounds, reviews, and the services they offer.

Scamming agencies are rare, but they do exist and you should be aware of them. Here are some signs that will help you recognize cheating companies:

  1. Estimates too low
  2. Do not go to the site to check out your goods
  3. Ask for a large deposit or full payment before the move
  4. Does not provide you with adequate information and documents

Best in Broward will help you move from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando

Hiring an unlicensed company can be cheaper. But the main drawback is that its integrity and professionalism are questionable. You would not enjoy high-quality services.

Best in Broward knows that moving can be very demanding. Thus, it does its utmost to make the relocation experience a pleasant one for all family members. Your belongings are in good hands.

Get a free estimate and schedule your move now at 954-501-1225.

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