How to Pack and Move like A Pro?

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When it comes to house moving, it is truly a daunting task that is why everyone always try to keep their guard up and find ways to efficiently pack and move like an expert!

For first-timers, relocation isn’t easy to the point of feeling scared because you’ve never experienced moving to a new house before or if you are moving out of your parent’s house. It’s natural to get excited and nervous at the same time –overall your emotiongoes haywire.So to help you reach a high-level of efficient pack and moving, here are 10 useful tips which can thoroughly help you succeed in house moving with no waste of energy, time and money!

Pack like a pro

  • Create a “To-Do” List. To survive the moving process, you must plan ahead. Be ready with a “To-Do” list for pre-move preparations. As a first-timer, you might not know how and where to start so try to write down all the things you need to do since it is merely a list that will help you organize and manage everything until the time of the moving day.
  • Assign A Moving Budget.It is top priority to be wise in managing your finances. Save up and set a budget for your moving expenses (money for hiring professional movers), housing expenses (money you’ll set for paying house rent and bills) and other expenses (budget money for things you need at home to survive).
  • Set up a “Moving Day”.It is essential to follow a good packing timeline to save loads of time until the moving commence. Since packing is the most time-consuming, proper scheduling of packing your belongings will have a big influence in the success rate of moving to your new home.
  • Know where to pack first. It can be overwhelming especially if you have lots of stuff to check, sort and pack. Start packing by initiating a packing process of room by room. Best way to start is at the area with most items like the storage room.
  • Decide what to pack.Deciding what to take and which one to leave behind isn’t easy so it is helpful to have categories when sorting your belongings. Yes you can take all of them but it is advisable to go through your stuff and reduce the number to only essential stuff and with high potential for future use.
  • Be ready with necessary packing supplies.Secure good boxes and packing supplies because it is the key for efficient packing. To secure your belongings, you’ll need many cardboard boxes, packing tape and bubble wraps to make sure delicate/breakable items are safe.
  • Don’t forget to put labels.Why would you need to put labels when all of the boxes will be opened eventually after relocating? The purpose is to save time and energy because movers will know where to place them (for which designated room they should be), easily unpack them depending on value/urgency of need and be able to put handling instructions.
  • Avoid common packing mistakes.Don’t be a softie but rather be ruthless when it comes to deciding which furniture you are going to bring to your new home. If you decided to take them all, you’ll be soon facing transportation costs, more money to pay for hired movers and more time to pack.
  • Find and hire reliable movers.Never underestimate your packing limitations. Yes, you may pack by yourself but there’s a big difference with hiring a reliable and professional movers!
  • Set up a Post-relocation checklist. After the feverish preparation and quite tiring moving process, you’ll have to set up schedules of things to do after the move or what we call post-relocation stage. You’re in charge now to manage how things should run smoothly for the new beginning at your new home.

As long as you follow these 10 tips, you are good to pack and move like a pro! Plus the good news is you can cross out the #9 tip because you’ve actually found the one! No need to look out for the Best Movers because we, Best in Broward Movers, is here for you. After all, we are the best across Florida! Call us today and set up an appointment in your most convenient time!

5 Effective Tips for House Moving When you Have Kids

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Relocating to a new place isn’t easy. What more if you have kids? It gets tougher because your attention is divided with the moving process and on top of that, child rearing.

It is already tricky to move house without stress so we understand how you want to find ways to deal such overwhelming task while maintaining the high energy of your kids. Check out these 5 tips that will help you overcome the challenge with your sanity intact and be able to have a successful move!

Moving with kids

  • Don’t be shy to ask for help. Being overconfident with your ability to organize may ruin your chances for a smooth move. for help if your extended family (parents, in-laws or siblings) and friends can come and play with your kids for you to have enough time to pack and get a lot of organizing accomplished.
  • Assign a special task for your kids. You can encourage your kids to take part in the process by assigning simple tasks they can do like putting their toys and books into the box you’ve prepared for them. They’ll have fun and have a sense of responsibility. Though you may have to check or repack it later.
  • Never underestimate the moving process. It is truly daunting and can be a total emotional upheaval. Plus with kids, it can make your move a little more complicated. So plan ahead and with the right approach like finding a reliable moving company can help you streamline the moving process.
  • Be wise with time. It is best to have a timeline and make most of the time especially when your kids are asleep so you can avoid tiring scenarios of packing and sorting.
  • Find the best movers you can trust. If you want to have a 100% stress-free and guaranteed successful house relocation it is best to find a reliable and certified full-service moving company. Many moving companies are out there, giving promises of their service. However, your best bet is to know which one is indeed the most experienced professional movers and that is us – the Best in Broward Movers!

Follow these 5 tips and you’ll surely be ready for any obstacle when you’re about to move house with your kids. After all, we are the best across Florida! Call us today and set up an appointment in your most convenient time!

Helpful Moving and Packing Tips

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Let’s admit it, moving and packing things up are so stressful to do. Transporting, packing, and organizing are the most challenging process to be able to move you from your current place to another. The good news is, the Broward movers who are the best Broward moving and storage provides you information about the easy ways to pack your things well and organized.

Packing tips


Here are some helpful tips and tricks on how to pack your things and to avoid such untidy place

  1. Create a schedule

Set a final date on when will be the day of your relocation. Please do avoid procrastination and be sure enough that it well planned and the best way is to schedule your moving day before the month of your moving. It is possible to prevent such stressful days of your relocation.


  1. Start early

Pack the things as soon as possible, make sure you have the plan on what things you should do and what things you are going to leave at your home. Thus, try to look around in your house and choose which materials are going to be useful for you and marked the things who are not.


  1. Find moving boxes

Obviously, boxes are the best use for packing things. Another thing is, boxes are useful because it is easy to lift using hands and it carries pieces of stuff like small items, appliances, and even breakable pieces.


  1. Trash Bags can be Helpful

The trash bags cannot only be used for trashes such as crumpled paper and unnecessary materials. But it can help you to arrange your soft items like teddy bears, pillows and etc. Additionally, for your clothes that cannot unfold. Slide clothing on hangers and cover it with trash bags. In this case, the packing things will be less hassle.


  1. Keep utensils together

Put all your utensils in one container to make it organized!


  1. Cover your Drawers with Plastics

Before to cover it with plastic wrap, to lessen the boxes you will use, try to put some items in a drawer. A material that is easy to carry and that will not make your drawer be broken. If you are tired to pack your clothes, you can simply put it in your drawer. But, a little piece of advice, roll your clothes rather than folding it, it is effective to save space in it.


  1. Put smaller things around heavier items

Place some smaller items around the heavier thing. In this case, it can save a lot of space in your box. Of course, to lessen your use of boxes.


  1. Put all your documents in a safe box, or envelopes.

It is necessary to place your documents or files in a secured box or in envelopes. Put in a safe part of your car or any vehicle you will use for your moving day.


  1. Take a picture of the item

Before you seal it, take a picture first the item inside the box. Then print the picture and put it outside the box. In this case, you will able to recognize which boxes you will open first. It lessens your stress when it’s time to unpack your things.


Lastly, pack it with a guide. It is so dreadful to pack your things alone. Further, ask a friend or relatives for help. Otherwise, there are some moving companies out there. Call (954) 501 – 1225, the best moving companies in Broward and the cheap movers around Broward county! They always offer you a stress-free and a smooth service!

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