Long-distance Moving from Florida to New York

Moving from the sunshine state can be unfathomable. Florida, with its white sandy beaches, great weather, and New York state with its concrete jungle and other beautiful natural formations, the two states have many differences. The only thing in common is they are both located on the east coast and have shorelines along the Atlantic ocean. If there is one state to compel someone to move, New York is one of those places. 

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Moving from Florida to New York– Here’s what to know

Moving from Florida to New York– Here’s what to know   There are many differences between Florida and New York that go beyond one north and one south. The mentality of the states are different, the lifestyles, public transportation network, average cost, real estate. The two most crucial aspects are the climate and geographical landscape. 

Most everyone knows Florida is a southern state situated within the humid subtropical belt. Florida has great weather. It stays warm year-round and gets very hot during summer. Hence the subtropical part. Furthermore, it is humid due to the rain and thunderstorms that are frequent. Especially during the summer months, it rains almost every day in the late afternoon. Florida is a vacation spot for many who want to escape to beautiful beaches like Miami Beach, Palm Beach, or the Florida Keys. 

New York state is vastly different from Florida in terms of climate. New York has distinct seasons from warm summer months, wildflower springs, fall foliage, and freezing winters, depending on location within the state. New York is also not typically in the path of dangerous thunderstorms or hurricanes. Meteorologists refer to the state as a safe zone.

New York is considered a humid continental climate, and New York City is the southernmost city in the humid subtropical belt. The humidity in New York and the Great Lakes, Fingerlakes, and Atlantic ocean contribute to the state’s significant snowfall during the winter months. 

Geographically speaking, the damp Floridian landscape resembles more of the natural swampland than Florida. Florida is drastically different from New York. Florida sits at sea level and is flat. Whereas New York is hilly and mountainous, Mount Marcy reaches 5,344 feet above sea level.

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Cost of living – Florida vs. New York

Cost of living – Florida vs. New York  Dealing with an upcoming move can be mentally draining. One needs to pick a move date, research moving companies, and hire a moving company. Next, one needs to start constructing the next chapter. For example, in New York, the cost of living is difficult to calculate. BestPlaces breaks it into seven categories: food & groceries, health care, median home cost, utilities, transportation, and miscellaneous. 

Florida has some famous cities, beautiful beaches, no state income tax, and a lower cost of living than New York. Like Florida, New York is an attractive place for young professionals. In New York City, your salary compared to Orlando, Florida, would almost double. New York does have a state income tax. Overall, New York has a 63% increase in the cost of living. Every aspect of New York is more expensive, even moving costs, but the most significant increase is housing and transportation. Housing in New York is roughly 170% more expensive, and transportation is 60% more expensive. 

Important tips to reduce the cost of living, residing in New York City, unlike the Miami area or Palm Beach, wouldn’t require a car; there are many options for public transportation. Secondly, find roommates or move outside of the city. There are many places to live in New York that isn’t New York City but are close enough. It makes New York city very accessible. 

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New York, the dream city, and beyond

New York, the dream city, and beyond    New York has so much to offer, from New York City to upstate New York and central New York. New York has a few major cities throughout the state beyond New York City; there is Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester, and Albany, just to name a few. There is also a plethora of college towns that would be appealing to a young professional. 

There are pros and cons to living in the big apple. According to Embrace Someplace, “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere” is a very true statement for entrepreneurs in New York City. For young professionals, New York City has the best big bustling economy for tech, journalism, marketing, apparel and more. You can skip the NYC driving license and rely on the public transportation network. For being a big city, the big apple lists the top 5 safest cities in the United States as you can enjoy night strolls in Central Park. Embrace the art, the history, and the diversity of the big city. The biggest cons are the congestion and the cost.

Upstate New York and central New York are different from their southern city, but a great place to live. Some criticize upstate New York for its taxes, but the region offers so much. It is home to huge avenues, wide-open spaces of old farmland, quaint towns, local craft breweries and wineries, excellent schools, and good quality of life. Furthermore, unlike New York City, Upstate and Central New York are much more affordable.

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