Moving from Florida to North Dakota

When one speaks about Florida to North Dakota, many thoughts come to mind. Genuine North and Western part of the United States, oil companies, Fargo, sugar beets, snow, and hard work.

North Dakota does have it all, from big cities to small towns. Out of staters may be shocked at how high it ranks in many factors. North Dakota ranks high in:

  • Entrepreneurship–North Dakota is a great place to start new businesses
  • Job security–North Dakota continues to have the lowest unemployment rate in our country due to the oil boom, natural gas, and agricultural production.
  • Quality of life and happiness, winter does not get the locals down
  • All the working means golf; most golf courses per capita
  • Freedom–North Dakota is one of the proudest states in our nation for our freedom
  • Low Cost of Living–North Dakota is 9.4% less expensive than the overall national average. North Dakota is very tax-friendly, local and state average 6.5%. Housing, health care, and other aspects are lower as well.  

North Dakota does a great job at making the large state feel like a community. From the school to the local festivals. The state has the lowest crime rates in our nation and a low cost of living compared to the national average. This makes North Dakota a nice place to raise a family. 

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From Florida to North Dakota–How long will it take?

From Florida to North Dakota–How long will it take?    Florida is in the country’s southern region, whereas North Dakota is in the north and western region of the country. The opposite location can make such a long-distance move time-consuming. With the weather oftentimes unpredictable, it would be best to move during the summer where you’re main concern is severe weather and the potential of tornadoes. During the winter, you would have to worry about snow. 

A drive to North Dakota can vary depending on the start and stop location, the number of stops needed for rest, food, and gas. From Tampa to Grand Forks, it is 27 hours, 1,889 miles via I-75. From Miami to Bismarck, it is 31 hours, 2,218.5 miles via I-94 W. To drive your vehicle would take half a week alone, to drive both vehicles or a truck and a vehicle with household goods would fill a whole week. 

To save time and money and experience a move without stress, contact Best in Broward for auto transport and to move your household goods. Flying to North Dakota, a flight is under $500 and takes less than 6 hours. 

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Why hire moving companies?

Why hire moving companies?    Hiring moving companies does more than just save time. The jobs they perform reduce stress, the chance of an injury. It is cost-effective, prevents damage of belongings, protects items, and allows you to focus on other things like family. 

  • Reduces Stress–A reputable moving company, such as Best in Broward Movers, plans and organizes to ensure the whole moving process is done promptly and follows the dates provided. Not having to worry about organizing, packing, loading, etc., reduces the stress and anxiety that moving can cause. 
  • Reduces the chance of injury–Moving requires lifting heavy boxes, furniture, twisting or turning to fit through tight spaces, lifting above the head, and more. These actions can lead to an injury, which is the last thing someone would want to deal with during a move. Professional movers have the tools, equipment, and proper knowledge to avoid injury. 
  • Cost-Effective– When you compare the prices of hiring a professional moving company and the cost of a DIY move, including the truck rental, gas, extra insurance, food, hotels, time, and much more. The professionals save you time and money. Additionally, experienced movers are used to driving large trucks in various types of weather from snow to rain, traffic on major roads to get from point A to point B safely. 
  • Prevents damage/Protects items–Professional movers wrap and pack items securely to prevent damage to belongings and other household goods. Over years of doing these jobs, our experienced movers know how to pack items into boxes, carry items, load the boxes and furniture into a truck to avoid damage during transportation. In addition, if any damage were to occur, a reputable moving company is insured; this allows them to cover the cost of the damage instead of a DIY mover who would have to pay for it themselves. 

Most importantly, hiring a moving company allows the family to focus on each other during the transition. Many factors go into a move. Hiring a professional moving company addresses many of them, which allows the family to make a move a joyous new adventure.

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North Dakota Culture

North Dakota Culture     North Dakota’s culture reflects its roots of Germans, Scandinavians, and Native Americans. In small towns and big cities, one would still experience sincerity and friendliness from the community. North Dakota residents are some of the friendliest in the nation. You can also see it reflected in their food scene. Out of staters will be awed by North Dakota’s food scene, items like Fleischkuekle, Cheese Buttons to Dakotans (also known as perogies, vareniki, pyrohy), Kuchen, Pitchfork Steaks, Bison Steak, North Dakota brewed beer, Native American fry bread Taco (also known as a Navajo taco or Uff Da Taco), and so much more. 

Rich in Native American culture, home to several Plains Indian Tribes, North Dakota hosts all-year powwows, Native American rodeos, and a few museums honoring their art, food preparations, games, ceremonies, and culture. North Dakota hosts the largest powwow, The International Powwow, every September in Bismarck. Over 20,000 people visit to experience the celebration. 

North Dakota is also big into preserving nature, being wild and free. You can witness all of its beauty in the Red River Valley, Badlands, and Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Also, throughout the state, you will see the iconic Buffalo. A remembrance to the American Frontier. 

North Dakota’s culture exemplifies community, food with roots, art, history, Native American heritage, and freedom. Choosing to move to North Dakota from Florida would be picking a great place with so much to offer. Moving can be complicated, but when hiring professionals moving can be easy. Best in Broward Movers provides excellent quality service to our customers. We are fully licensed and insured. We aim to save you time and cost when moving. 

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