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Are you looking into moving from Florida to Oklahoma? Oklahoma is a pretty great state with clear skies and minimal traffic built on black gold– the oil capital of the United States. Oklahoma is affordable, with low crime rates below the national average and excellent schools that make it a destination for a family. Typically, most people do not think about the Sooner State having favorable weather and four seasons, but Oklahoma does.

Oklahoma has a thriving economy where Oklahoma Sooners make good money with a ridiculously low cost of living that makes the state very affordable. The affordable state has become an attraction to millennials, business startups, and natural gas investors.

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Why Move to Oklahoma City and More

Moving from Florida to Oklahoma  Many move to Oklahoma City due to its dynamic economy, newly renovated school systems, and exciting arts and music scene. Fun museums, zoological sites, many farmer markets, excellent coffeehouses, and the Oklahoma State Cowboys.  Despite being in the metro area in Oklahoma City, you will still want your car. Rush hour in the city is not what you’d imagine coming from other states, especially if you come from Orlando or Miami. Major interstates and two secondary ones reduce the commuting time by five minutes shorter than the United States average despite the population.

Furthermore, the public transit in Oklahoma City makes transportation super easy with a public bus system that often runs, a streetcar loop with 22 stops, and a bike share which you can utilize almost year around. The roads’ design and public transit significantly reduce the city rush hour. Best in Broward Movers can help you with your move and your auto transport as well.

Oklahoma experiences four seasons and 234 sunny days per year. The weather in Oklahoma City is preferred compared to most other states. In Oklahoma City, the summer is warm but lacks snow due to temperatures staying above 40 degrees. The most Oklahoma experiences are eight inches. Though not experiencing winter storms, Oklahoma and Oklahoma City experience Oklahoma thunderstorms. Sitting amid Tornado Alley, Oklahoma is prone to severe thunderstorms, hail, and tornadoes.

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Cost of living– Oklahoma

Moving from Florida to Oklahoma  Oklahoma is full of golden opportunities. According to USA Today, Oklahoma is the fourth most affordable state in America. Oklahoma’s cost of living falls below the United States average, scoring at 85.4 out of 100. Oklahoma moving companies keep busy with the cost of homes being lower than the United States average and 70% of residents being homeowners. Rent is lower than the average, roughly 28% of residents rent. Many cities in Oklahoma are inexpensive, the median is $124,800, and the median rental price for a one-bedroom is $629. This is much preferred over Florida’s higher rental rates and homes.

The Oklahoma metro area is slightly more expensive than Oklahoma City, with the housing cost being cheaper in the country outside of the largest city such as Norman or Moore. For example, moving from Orlando, FL to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to start a new life, the overall cost of living in Oklahoma is 4% lower in Tulsa, with housing costs at 27% lower in Tulsa. If one made a salary of $60,000 in Florida, they would only need to make $48,100 in Oklahoma to keep the same lifestyle and stay in the same style neighborhood in Oklahoma. In Oklahoma City, OK, groceries and food are 9% below, housing expenses are 29% lower, utility prices are 8% lower, healthcare is 9% lower, and transportation costs are 16% lower than the national average.

Lastly, Oklahoma has lower taxes compared to Florida. Residents in the state pay a lower tax burden of .2% compared to FL.

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Best Things to do in Oklahoma

Moving from Florida to Oklahoma   There are many attractions in Oklahoma to experience, from festivals to sports. The Sooner State offers numerous impressive tourist attractions and exciting activity opportunities. Oklahoma goes nuts with their NBA team Oklahoma City Thunder if you are into basketball.

Historically speaking, when in the state capital, you could visit Oklahoma City Memorial Museum to remember those lost in the 1995 bombing or the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. Afterward, the family can explore Scissortail Park and Skydance Bridge. In Oklahoma City, there is the Plaza District, where you can check out the local culture, food, live music, retail, galleries, and much more.

Outside the state capital near Tulsa is the Philbrook Museum, with a large formal garden surrounding the historic home now museum of an oil pioneer of Arts. Near Tulsa is the town of Broken Arrow, a town famous in Oklahoma for its barbeque. If moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma, you’ll have to try the barbeque.

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