Need Help Moving from Florida to Oregon?

Do you need help moving from Florida to Oregon? Oregon is a beautiful state to move to. In 2021, U.S. News and World Report ranked Portland 8th as the best place to live. Mild winters, sunny days, and mild summers allow residents almost unlimited opportunities to wander on the beach or in the woods. Moving from Florida to Oregon will be exciting.

Making a long-distance move across the country from the East Coast to the West Coast requires much more than a local move. Much more planning is needed for a long-distance move and careful thought in packing your belongings, furniture, and other items. If you have decided to move to Oregon, consider Best in Broward Movers to help you move to your new address.

Our professional movers uphold the highest standards of quality moving services that make your move from Florida to Oregon a smooth one. We understand moving long-distance can be stressful, but with our assistance in scheduling, packing, heavy lifting, and transporting, moving to the West Coast can be a fast, efficient, and accessible job.

Best in Broward offers complete moving services, auto transport, and storage to fit any budget. Move from Florida to Oregon in the trusted hands of Best in Broward. 

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Why hire professional movers when moving from Florida to Oregon?

Why hire professional movers when moving from Florida to Oregon?  Moving from Florida to Oregon is a long-distance move that requires packing and extensive planning to ensure a safe move. Moving from county to county can be simple, but long-distance moving has some complexity that leads individuals to request the assistance of professionals.

Hiring a professional moving company eliminates stress and permanently saves an enormous amount of time when considering such a far address move. Packing all your belongings, disassembling furniture, and loading a truck can turn into a full-time job and still be high in cost. Let our professionals do the heavy lifting and drive for you.

Professional moving companies are familiar with long-distance moves, belongings shifting during transport, driving large trucks, and all of the burdens that can go along with a long-distance moving experience. Experienced movers have knowledge in wrapping fragile items, systematically packing boxes, and loading the trucks properly to ensure they are safe during transit with minimal movement and arrive promptly.

At Best in Broward Movers, we discuss your moving needs and work with your budget to provide high-quality moving services. We can also provide storage and auto transport.

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How long does it take to move to the West Coast?

How long does it take to move to the West Coast?  Moving from Florida to Oregon is a long and far move. The two states are on opposite sides of the country, Florida being the southernmost part of the southeast and Oregon being in the Pacific Northwest. To travel to the center of Oregon from the center of Florida is 3,032 miles and takes at least forty-five hours. Orlando, Florida, is 3,129 miles and takes approximately forty-six hours to get to the Portland area.  Tampa, Florida, is 3,147 miles and forty-six hours from Portland, Oregon. Even when flying, travelers can expect a 7-hour and 45-minute flight.

The number of requests made for a restroom, overnight stops, how much time you spend at a stop, the weather conditions, and other variables will cause the drive time to vary. It is helpful to plan your trip ahead of time for a long drive. By the time you count in fuel, hotels, tolls, food, and time, it costs more money to DIY the move with the family or by yourself than hire a moving company. To better understand the time and cost, you can calculate the cost of driving from Florida to Oregon with current gas prices.

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Best neighborhoods in Oregon

Best neighborhoods in Oregon   Oregon is a beautiful state that is becoming noticed for its cute towns, rich forests, crystal clear streams, and waterfalls. Some spend their entire life questioning the wonder of Oregon. In Oregon, it is known that the weather can change quickly depending on your location. For example, in the southwestern corner of Oregon is weather similar to the Mediterranean. In the southeastern corner is the rugged type of living, and residents can find the surfer waves and lifestyle on the state’s western side. Oregon is unlike any other in its diversity, from neighborhoods to climate. Listed below are the top places to live in Oregon:

  1. West Linn– outside of the Portland area with great schools and a low crime rate in West Linn. With a suburban vibe with a higher than average cost of living, West Linn is the perfect place for families to start their new life. Beautiful homes and not country living, but the perfect amount of space for kids with quick access to cities.
  2. Tualatin– located on the outskirts of the Portland area, with a school district that spends more on its students than any other district in the state, is the best city to have kids attending school. Tualatin has one of the highest graduation rates in Oregon and the lowest crime rates. As professionals in real estate say, “Location, location,” Tualatin’s cost of living sits near the state average.
  3. Bend– Bend is a town in the central part of Oregon and is the second most populated city in Oregon, with close to 91,000 residents. It is surrounded by the Cascade Mountain Range, river, forest, and desert.

There is a comprehensive selection of places to move to. These were our top three, two of which are located outside Portland and one closer to the country. When moving to a new town or city, speak with moving companies to understand more about the area to know what to expect and get a free quote. All we need is your full name, email address, dates of the move, size of the dwelling being relocated, and the start and end locations. 

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The school districts in Oregon

The school districts in Oregon   Many schools can offer satisfactory learning, but there are a few that have an A-grade rating, above and beyond service, the best in the county, and where families become friends. In Oregon, those schools are Lake Oswego, West Linn-Wilsonville, and Corvallis. Lake Oswego ranks an A in academics, teachers, health and safety, and college prep. The district ranks a B in club and activities, followed by a C for diversity. West Linn-Wilsonville ranks an A in academics, teachers, college prep, clubs and activity, health and safety, and a B for diversity. Our third place, Corvallis, ranks an A in academics, teachers, college prep, and health and safety.

Regardless of where you move in Oregon, your children will have access to high-quality education when moving from Florida to Oregon. Leaving the eternal summer of Florida and heading across the country will change your life for sure in many ways. Let Best in Broward Movers give you one less thing to think about and get your items moved professionally and safely.

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Best in Broward Movers can make any move across the country a smooth one. If you plan a move to Oregon, contact Best in Broward for a free quote and some tips on long-distance moving. Check out our website to get more information on our service and put in a request. Best in Broward Movers and Storage can assist you in every step of moving to your new address.