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Moving From Miami to Jupiter


Are you planning to move from Miami to Jupiter? We outline the benefits, costs, and important information you need to know before the big move.

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Advantages of moving from Miami to Jupiter

  • Jupiter scores 3.1% better than Miami on the BestPlaces comfort index
  • Jupiter spends 6.5% more on education than Miami
  • Miami unemployment rate is 1% higher than in Jupiter
  • Household income in Jupiter is 135% higher than in Miami and 28% higher than in the United States
  • Air quality is 20 times better in Jupiter than in Miami

How much does it cost to move from Jupiter to Miami?

The distance between Miami and Jupiter isn’t huge. It’s a local move within Florida of only 93 miles. The bulk of the moving costs will be related to the loading and unloading service of your belongings. To calculate the latter, it is necessary to check the number of your belongings. It is necessary to take into account the time and the level of effort on the part of the movers. Everything also depends on the offers offered according to your situation.

Approximate costs:

  • Studio – $340 to $410
  • One-bedroom apartment/house – $570 to $700
  • Two-bedroom apartment/house – $830 to $1020
  • Three-bedroom apartment/house – $1,130 to $1,380
  • Four-bedroom apartment/house – $1,440 to $1,760
  • Five-bedroom apartment/house – $1,790 to $2,180

Moving to Jupiter, Florida

The city of Jupiter is located in Florida and has a population of about 63,000. Located in Palm Beach County, it is part of the Miami metropolitan area. Jupiter’s territory covers a little over 21 square miles and lies on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Climate in Jupiter

Jupiter is known for its pleasant climate, as is almost every city in Florida. Sperling’s Best Places ranking gives it an index of 87 out of 100. The average for all American cities is 50, making Jupiter one of the most pleasant cities in the country. So you’ll enjoy the sun all year round. The lowest average temperature in winter is only 55°F.

  • Real Estate in Jupiter

The most recent U.S. inventory reveals that Jupiter has approximately 29,825 homes. The owner-occupancy rate is 70.7%. The average cost is $283,700, and monthly ownership costs are $1,891 with a mortgage and $766 without a mortgage. The monthly cost of rent is between these two amounts, $1,430.

  • Transportation in Jupiter

Jupiter can be easily reached by the highways. The I-95 is the main north-south artery of Florida. It runs through the city to the west. US 1 is located along the coast. The state’s main road network is 706 (east-west) and 811 (north-south). The Palm Train provides public transit by bus. Miami International Airport is located only 90 miles south.