The safest move you'll ever make

On-Demand Delivery Service

You don’t know how to retrieve your store-bought products? We’ll pick them up for you! Home delivery allows you to enjoy your furniture or appliances without having to worry about getting them to you. We help you with quick home delivery no matter where you are based.

Our drivers are experts in moving. As a result, they have a perfect command of the handling and protection of products. The transportation and delivery of your furniture and appliances is done smoothly. We come as soon as possible after reception at the store.

We also offer you our services for:

  • The relocation of your home
  • The storage of your goods
  • The delivery of your household appliances

We Are Installing Your Furniture

When you don’t have time to go to the store, we do it for you. All we need is the address of the store where you made your purchases and the purchase order.

We go to the store and load your product into a vehicle adapted to its size and weight. Our drivers then drive to your home before unloading your goods. If you need it, we can also install your household appliances or furniture. Do your shopping, we’ll take care of the rest!

Heavy Furniture Transport

We can intervene for any heavy load handling. Whether you live on the ground floor or upstairs, our movers know all the subtleties and methods to adopt.

We move your pianos and safes with all the necessary gentleness to the desired location. We load them into one of our vehicles for a move. Your piano is a fragile object, and it is our duty to take care of it! We move it manually by two people or with the help of suitable tools, such as a goods lift.

We transport all kinds of pianos:

  • Upright
  • Grand
  • 1/4 grand

We use caterpillars for this operation. We are also equipped so that the transport does not alter your instrument in any way:

  • Padded covers
  • Straps
  • Rollerblade system

Our movers begin by removing the moving parts. They do it before packing the piano in heat-protection covers. This enables us to avoid any scratches or shocks. They then transport it to the appropriate vehicle. If access is difficult, we have lifts to lower the piano.

Move With Confidence!

We guarantee you a high-quality removal service. In addition, we can collect your furniture and household appliances after purchase from one of our partner stores. Our drivers ensure a rigorous and personalized follow-up.

Best In Broward‘s main activity is moving for individuals and companies. Besides the transfer of furniture and objects, our services include storage services.

You are assured of the benefit of a professional and rigorous removal. Our privileged area of intervention is the state of Florida. But our specialists also offer their services throughout the United States and abroad. Looking for an on-demand delivery service? Trust Best In Broward Movers with pickup and delivery. Get in touch with the team and schedule your express delivery today!