Our Experts Tips and Tricks for Moving During Hurricane Season

If you find yourself needing to relocate between June and November, having tips and tricks for moving during hurricane season can make all the difference in your next relocation. Moving is never easy, but doing so during hurricane season in Florida can add several challenges – from scheduling around potential weather threats to properly preparing your belongings for potential storms. As Florida’s largest full-service moving company, Best in Broward Movers has helped countless homeowners and businesses safely navigate the busy hurricane season. We understand the importance of being flexible with move dates while still protecting your valuables. Our team of insured, trained experts can offer important tips on:

  • Packing in a hurricane-resistant manner and securing any loose outdoor items
  • Obtaining the proper insurance for your belongings and living space
  • Strategically planning a timeline well in advance of hurricane forecasts  
  • Safely storing your possessions if a major storm is predicted to hit your moving week
  • Properly securing your home before the move if a hurricane is imminent

You can trust that our movers have the experience needed to handle complicated hurricane season relocations. Contact us today to discuss your individual needs and schedule a free estimate for your upcoming seasonal move during tropical storm conditions or hurricane conditions.

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Prepare Early for Hurricane Threats

Prepare Early for Hurricane Threats  When it comes to preparing for a hurricane season move, the best advice is to start planning well in advance. The more lead time you give yourself, the less stressed you’ll feel when tropical weather threatens your moving plans.

  • Schedule Move Dates Carefully: Even if you’re moving across town, taking the time to review the hurricane forecast should be one of your first steps. Check what dates have lower chances of storms based on historic weather patterns. Our movers are happy to discuss flexible date options with you too. Remember – it’s safer to reschedule your moving day by a few weeks than to move in the middle of a hurricane watch or hurricane warning!
  • Gather the Right Supplies: For the do-it-yourselfers out there, now is the best time to stock up on supplies that will make packing a breeze while protecting your possessions. In addition to basics like boxes, tape, and padding, be sure to have: plastic sheeting or tarps to seal windows and protect outdoor items; permanent marker pens for labeling every box; straps, cords, or rope for binding furniture or securing debris; cleaning supplies for splashes from tarped areas; an emergency kit for first aid as well. You’ll also want to take inventory of tools like a hammer, nails, and screwdrivers which may be needed for boarding up windows or securing storm shutters at your new home if a major storm is forecast. 
  • Prepare Your Home Wisely: While packing up possessions, don’t forget simple tasks around your house that will secure it for moves later in the season. Trim back tree branches, fix any loose roof shingles, and decide if storm shutters or plywood are needed. Your new home may need preparation too if you move during an active month. Our experienced team of Hurricane Movers can assist with these hurricane-hardening tasks as part of your relocation service.

Preparing thoughtfully weeks ahead will reduce your stress later should forecasts change. Don’t wait until it’s “too late” – give yourself ample time to plan for potential storm impacts. The peace of mind will be worth it when tropical weather rolls through.

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Pack Smart for Storms

Pack Smart for Storms  When Mother Nature comes knocking, you’ll want your possessions packed properly to withstand whatever she throws your way. Smart packing now reduces stress later if bad weather threatens your moving date.

  • Pack Electronics Gently: Fragile items like computers, TVs, and photos need extra TLC. Wrap screens and lenses carefully in bubble wrap or towels before packing them in small boxes. For electronics, consider picking up some moisture-resistant bags from a hardware store too. You don’t want your laptop to fry if a pipe bursts in a storm surge!
  • Safely Secure Valuables: Important documents and heirlooms are priorities. Documents can go in plastic sleeves or waterproof bags. For sentimental items, use custom packing corners or consider renting a safety deposit box until after your move. Proper packing prevents water damage or loss if high winds blow away an uncovered box. 
  • Outdoor Gear Goes In Too: Bring patio furniture, grills, and gardening gear indoors ahead of time. Use straps or rope to securely fasten anything too large for a box, like ladders or outdoor playsets, to the moving truck. Your yard items will be protected from debris flying in nasty weather of sustained winds.
  • Box It Up Beautifully: Clearly labeling every box by room and contents brings order to the chaos. Include an inventory list too in case boxes get mixed up. We’ll be able to return anything left behind. Pack a “Hurricane Kit” separately with tools, a radio, and essential supplies in case storms roll in after your move. 

Proper packing gives peace of mind that your possessions will survive the move unscathed, whether you relocate before or after any tropical weather. A little extra time spent wrapping carefully will save tears later. Contact our hurricane movers today for free packing supplies and expert packing advice customized to your needs and new home. Your belongings will be storm-ready!

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Choose an Experienced Moving Company

Choose an Experienced Moving Company  Choosing reliable movers is essential for a successful hurricane season relocation. While many companies work year-round, moving during storms requires extra expertise. 

  • Look for Hurricane Season Pros: Experienced movers like Best in Broward Movers have sophisticated plans for uncertain weather. We’ve assisted homeowners through thick and thin for over 20 years. Ask potential movers: How experienced are your crews with securing loads during tropical storms? What’s your policy if forecasts change the day of my move? How will you store or shelter my belongings if roads flood? Peace of mind comes from trusting professionals prepared to adapt to Mother Nature’s twists. 
  • Review Emergency Protocols: Reputable companies also safeguard clients with insurance. We protect customers up to $10k in coverage for loss or damage in transit. Policies should also allow for rescheduling delays caused by storms. Ask movers: What type of insurance do you carry for hurricanes or emergencies? How do you communicate schedule adjustments due to weather? Having backup plans in writing offers security amid unpredictable season changes.
  • Check Past Hurricane Reviews: Reading online reviews from prior hurricane season clients reveals a mover’s true colors. Positive experiences moving in storms or delays show a company’s dedication. Select an outfit with proven performance when tropical weather disrupts others. Our satisfied customers praise our flexibility, quick storm updates, and losses resolved fairly. Trust the best for your important relocation. 

 A little research finds partners equipped for success no matter what nature throws your way. So choose reliable experts and feel confident all will go smoothly.

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Insure Your Belongings

Insure Your Belongings  With hurricane season comes the risk of storm damage to your possessions. Proper insurance protects your investment no matter what Mother Nature brings. 

  • Get Written Estimates: Most insurers only cover belongings up to a certain dollar amount unless specified. Get a replacement value estimate and list all valuables with serial numbers. This proves what you owned in case of loss. 
  • Consider Extra Coverage: Standard policies may not cover flooding or wind damage from hurricanes. Upgrade to ensure reimbursement if a named storm soaks your new home. Renters’ policies also exclude mandatory evacuation losses, so discuss adding endorsements.  
  • Know Exclusions: Check if earthquakes, hurricanes, or sewer backups are excluded in small print. Florida homeowners specifically need separate windstorm policies. Don’t risk losing your antiques or electronics over confusing legal jargon.
  • Document Your Belongings: Before packing, record possessions with photos or videos uploaded safely offline. This proof protects reimbursement interests if an insurer questions a claim. An upfront investment now saves tears later.
  • Additional Living Expenses: Find out if your coverage includes costs to stay in a hotel if hurricanes damage your new home. It’s risky not being prepared for shelter or bills during repairs.  
  • Work with Moving Experts: Movers like Best in Broward know insurance inside and out. We can refer reliable agents and ensure your new carrier understands moving valuation needs. Coverage for your hurricane season move is just a call away.

Piece of mind lets you focus on enjoying your new place, not worrying if a storm strikes. Partner with professionals who take the headache out of ensuring your belongings are protected financially wherever Florida’s winds may blow. Plan – it’s worth it for the security.

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Have Backup Moving Dates in Mind

Have Backup Moving Dates in Mind  No one has a crystal ball to see exactly what the tropics will brew. Having flexibility is key when Mother Nature rules forecast changes. 

  • Be Ready to Adjust Dates: Minor date shifts may be needed if gloomy skies loom over your moving week. Experienced companies like Best in Broward Movers work around storms. We’ll reschedule safely rather than brave floods, winds or downed power lines. Just a few extra weeks allow nature to pass. It’s better than losing keepsakes to a deluge or hurricane debris. Stay nimble – flexibility keeps you in control of moving chaos.
  • Trust Your Movers in Storms: If a major storm forces date switches rely on partners equipped to batten down your things short-term. We securely store furnishings until roads clear rather than rush. There’s no need to panic – we’ve sheltered items for weeks until the way was clear. Peace of mind lets you focus on family, not fretting about possessions languishing outside in the rain. Leave it to the experts!
  • Evacuate Early As Needed: Listen to forecast guidance and heed evacuation orders promptly. Don’t get caught in storm traffic or endure winds in an unboarded home. Movers can assist in packing crucial paperwork for the trip or boarding up homes before temporary departures as well. 

Key dates may adjust, but with pros by your side, the move stays on track even if rain is postponed. Stay safe – that’s more important than things! Contact Best in Broward Movers today about getting your move through any season surprises smoothly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best timeline for scheduling a move to avoid hurricane threats?

The best timeline is scheduling at least 2 months before peak hurricane season in August-October. Our experts can review forecasts to find your most stable dates. Booking early gives flexibility if forecasts change too!

How can I properly pack my belongings to protect them during a hurricane?

Proper packing is vital for storm protection. Carefully wrap electronics, secure outdoor items, and clearly label every box. Also consider waterproof outer containers, moisture-barrier bags, and strapping down furniture. I always pack a radio, flashlight, and important docs in an easy-grab “hurricane kit” bag too!  

What type of insurance do I need to cover my possessions for potential storm damage?

You’ll want standard content coverage plus additional living expenses in case storms damage your new place. Also look for endorsements covering flooding, evacuation costs and perils normally excluded by insurers down here like hurricanes. Talk to an agent about your specific needs.

What should I look for in a moving company that has experience handling moves complicated by hurricanes?

Experience handling past hurricanes tops the list! Seek movers with resilient emergency plans, reviews showing flexibility through past storms, and professional master storm excluders available to protect items if needed. Peace of mind is key during a hurricane move.

If a hurricane is forecast to hit my area right when I was scheduled to move, how flexible are movers about rescheduling to another date?

Never fear – experienced movers like us are used to scheduling switches. We’ll reschedule your move to a safer time with a quick phone call. Your possessions can be tucked away securely as an option too if major weather rolls in! Safety comes first so please don’t hesitate to postpone if needed.

There’s no need to brave Mother Nature’s wrath alone – the team at Best in Broward Movers is here to help! Get a free quote tailored to your individual needs. Discuss all details such as storm shuttering, flexible dates, or temporary storage options. Our hurricane pros can also provide pertinent packing and insurance advice. Don’t risk moving madness with inexperienced help. trust the movers who have braved many tropical seasons to deliver peace of mind. Get started now by contacting us today!