Tips and Effective De-Cluttering Tricks

Tips and Effective De-Cluttering Tricks

Moving to a new location can give you a lot of things to think about – the things you have to manage and pack before the big day.

How long have you lived at your current house? If you have been under one roof for quite a long time, packing and moving will be a great deal for you. Chances are there many material things you’ve acquired and may call as your belongings. It is inevitable if you have accumulated lots of stuff since it defines you and your home.

However, the moment you decided to relocate you will need to sort out your belongings of which among your prized possessions are worth taking and the ones you have to leave behind.  Well, you can indeed take them all with you but the truth is, you shouldn’t. After all, new place means new beginnings and moving with less stuff will help you save more considerably money because in general, it is quite pricey.

So check out these tips we have for you to effectively de-clutter your house. Let us help you make a right decision!

Step 1:  Sort room by room. Initiate the sorting process by running down the rooms you have to check and pack. Make sure you begin with the room with the most items like the storage room. You can create a checklist of the things you want to bring and the things you need. Use a quick classification method to help finish the sorting job quicker and makes packing easier which eventually leads to a lesser stressful moving.

Step 2: Big and Small items. Once you get to master the sorting process, you can manage the big items or the furniture you have and even your small possessions. By checking the electric appliances and specialty household items, you can also determine which of them runs perfectly fine or the ones that might be already defective or become a liability for living a new life at your new house.

Step 3:  Weigh the value of the item. A really effective tip when packing is by following these 2 categories – “must-take items” and “unwanted/unneeded items”. 

  • Must-Take items – Mark down your belongings which you considered to be valuable. Example is your recently bought flat-screen TV, expensive furniture pieces and other possessions you will definitely bring in with you at the new house. This also refers to things that have sentimental value.
  • Unwanted/Unneeded items – This requires your utmost attention because if you get it right it will give you a consequent reduction of stuff you have to pay in inclusion to your hire movers. This refers to outdated/outgrown items, forgotten items that was once great but is now useless, and duplicated items like having 3 toasters. Re-evaluate their value if you truly need to bring them.

You will be making tough decisions because honestly, it is not easy to let go of the things you have for such a long time. So we hope with these tips, you can sort them much easier. If you have troubles of getting rid the unwanted/unneeded items, you can sell them online, organize a moving sale/garage sale or you can give it away to friends and family.

With these options, you will feel less pain because you know that you didn’t actually throw them away. Now you’re all set to move, what’s missing is finding the best movers you can reliably hire. And we, Best in Broward Movers, is the one you need! After all, we are the best across Florida! So why not call us today and set up an appointment in your most convenient time!