Tips for Choosing the Best of the Fort Lauderdale Moving Companies

Get tips on finding the best Fort Lauderdale moving company – from getting quotes to checking licenses, reading reviews, timing your move, and avoiding scams.

Choosing the right moving company is key to ensuring a smooth move. Best in Broward movers understand that moving to a new home in Fort Lauderdale can be an exciting but stressful time. When searching for the right moving company, be sure to research moving companies thoroughly, get multiple quotes, verify licenses and insurance, read reviews, plan timing, and protect yourself from scams. Follow these essential tips to find the best of the Fort Lauderdale moving companies for your relocation.

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Get Multiple Quotes from Licensed and Insured Moving Companies

Get Multiple Quotes from Licensed and Insured Moving Companies  Getting quotes from multiple licensed and insured Fort Lauderdale moving companies is one of the most important steps in finding a reputable mover for your relocation. Moving quotes can vary widely, so shopping around is key to getting the best deal and avoiding moving scams. 

Start by researching a list of licensed, insured, and accredited moving companies in Fort Lauderdale. Look for movers with an active USDOT number, along with full liability insurance and workers’ compensation. Check ratings and complaints with organizations like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Angie’s List. Focus your list on bonded, insured companies with a long history in Fort Lauderdale and positive customer reviews.

Once you have a list, call or email each company to request an in-home estimate. Licensed movers will provide this estimate for free. Provide details about your move timeline, inventory of items, and whether you need full packing or unpacked services. Here are 3 key things to go over in an in-person estimate:

Review the Company’s Credentials

When the movers arrive, verify their USDOT and MC license numbers. Ask for proof of insurance and bond certificates. This ensures they are a legitimate Fort Lauderdale moving company.

Discuss Services and Fees in Detail  

Go through your floor plan and inventory list. Ask questions about packing supplies, crew size, truck size, mileage limits, and timing. Get details on all fees for packing, unpacking, piano moving, storage and more.

Get a Written Binding Moving Quote

A binding quote locks in set prices before your move day. The quote should cover all services, with no hidden fees. Ask for guaranteed pickup/delivery dates and crew size.

With multiple quotes in hand, compare prices and services side-by-side. Look for transparent pricing, experience with local Fort Lauderdale moves, and proven history. Avoid unrealistically cheap quotes and moving brokers. Opt for a mover that is responsive, detailed, and makes you comfortable.

Pro Tip 1: Discuss warehousing options if your move-out and move-in dates don’t align. Licensed Fort Lauderdale movers can provide short-term and long-term storage facilities.

Vetting and comparing Fort Lauderdale moving companies upfront takes time but pays off on move day. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your mover is insured, experienced, and committed to the quoted price. Don’t entrust your local or long-distance move to just any cheap moving truck. Follow these tips to get quality quotes and choose the best mover for your relocation.

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Check Customer Reviews and Complaint Records Thoroughly

Check Customer Reviews and Complaint Records Thoroughly  Customer reviews and complaint records offer unfiltered feedback on a moving company’s quality and service. Taking time to thoroughly research reviews is crucial to avoiding moving scams and choosing the best Fort Lauderdale movers.

Start by looking at credible third-party review sites like Yelp, Google, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). These provide star ratings and detailed comments from past customers on factors like:

  • Professionalism and experience of movers
  • Quality of packing and moving services  
  • Responsiveness to problems and damages
  • Hidden fees or billing issues
  • Adherence to guaranteed quotes and delivery dates

You can also check complaints submitted to organizations like the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and state licensing boards. While every mover will have a few complaints, look for patterns of negligence, overcharging, damages, or other red flags. 

A few things to look out for in reviews and complaints:

  • Quotes that were far higher than given estimate
  • Damaged furniture and belongings
  • Delayed pick-up or delivery dates
  • Lack of communication and unprofessional staff

The best Fort Lauderdale moving companies will respond to negative reviews and provide context or make things right with the customer. No company is perfect, but patterns of complaints are a major warning sign.

Pro Tip 2: Don’t rely solely on reviews on the company’s own website. Disgruntled customers may be filtered out. Focus on trusted third-party sites.

Take time to read between the lines in reviews. If multiple customers report inflated costs, delays, and unresponsive staff, it’s best to cross that mover off your list. There are plenty of professional movers in Fort Lauderdale focused on providing a smooth, stress-free moving experience.

Vet each potential moving company thoroughly before handing over your home possessions. Checking reviews now can help avoid moving day headaches and give you the confidence you chose a top-rated mover for the job. Don’t gamble your move on the cheapest bidder alone – let a track record of happy customers guide you to the right Fort Lauderdale moving company for your relocation.

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Verify Moving Companies are Bonded and Insured

Verify Moving Companies are Bonded and Insured  Verifying a moving company’s insurance and bonding protects you from liability and lost belongings. Never hire Fort Lauderdale movers without confirming coverage in writing.

Reputable moving companies carry both liability insurance and cargo insurance. Liability coverage protects you if movers are injured on your property. Cargo insurance covers replacement if items are damaged or lost during the move. Here are key coverages to look for:

Liability Insurance

This protects customers if a mover is injured on your property. Required minimums are $750,000 for interstate movers and $300,000 for local moves. Ask for proof of up-to-date general liability policies. 

Cargo/Property Insurance

Insures items if damaged or lost during transport and storage. Replacement value should equal your total inventory. Standard policies can be expanded.

Workers Compensation 

Provides wage and medical benefits if a mover is injured on the job. This protects customers from liability claims. Verify active workers comp policies.

Pro Tip 3: Avoid moving brokers who claim your items will be covered under their movers’ insurance. Brokerage companies often lack adequate coverage.

Bonding is another key indicator of a professional Fort Lauderdale moving company. Bonding guarantees your items against any lost and damaged items. The FMCSA requires interstate movers to carry minimum liability bonds of $25,000. Larger bonds provide more protection.

Don’t take a mover’s word on insurance and bonding. Ask to see active certificates and policy details in writing. Call providers to verify. If a mover skirts coverage details, it may signal underinsured or fraudulent movers.

Your possessions deserve guaranteed protection during a move. Securing a bonded, fully insured moving company is one of the smartest precautions you can take. Verify coverage amounts in writing before your move date for peace of mind. Don’t gamble your valuables on questionable movers – let a bonded and insured Fort Lauderdale company give your move the protection it deserves.

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Discuss Timing and Logistics for an Efficient Moving Day

Discuss Timing and Logistics for an Efficient Moving Day  Proper planning and timing is crucial for an organized, hassle-free moving day. Discuss logistics with your Fort Lauderdale moving company upfront to set clear expectations and efficiency.

Ideally, book movers 4-8 weeks before your move date. This gives you time to:

  • Declutter and organize belongings
  • Coordinate packing supplies and helpers
  • Review your landlord’s notice and new home details

When firming up a date, consider:

  • School schedules if moving with kids
  • Avoiding weekends and rush hour
  • Weather forecasts if moving long-distance

Give your mover a detailed inventory including:

  • Floor plans of current and new home
  • Measurements of large furniture and pianos 
  • High-value items needing special care

This helps the foreman dispatch the right truck size and moving crew. For efficiency, provide exact numbers of:

  • Boxes packed and contents 
  • Total furniture pieces
  • Special equipment like safes, fitness equipment, etc.

Pro Tip 4: Be honest about hoarding issues or clutter. It’s better to disclose upfront so movers can plan accordingly.

One week before move day, call your mover to:

  • Confirm precise pickup/delivery times
  • Verify crew size and truck size
  • Review the binding quote and payment timing
  • Share any last-minute changes

Having a point person to coordinate timing and logistics helps make for an organized, stress-free moving day. Treat movers with snacks, and drinks and tip them for excellent service.

Follow these tips and work closely with your Fort Lauderdale moving company to ensure ideal timing and efficiency. Moving is hectic enough – with good planning, your mover will handle the heavy lifting and get you settled smoothly.

Protect Yourself from Moving Scams with Contracts and Inventory Lists

Make Moving Day Stress-Free  Sadly, moving frauds do happen. Protect yourself by using written contracts and detailed inventories when hiring Fort Lauderdale movers.

Reputable moving companies will have no issue providing binding quotes and paperwork. These documents offer protection if disputes arise. Ensure contracts and paperwork are in order before your move date.

Get a Binding Moving Estimate 

A binding estimate locks in costs and services in writing. Make sure all fees, insurance, and services match your in-home estimate.

Review the Moving Contract Closely

The contract should outline services, liability, fees, and dispute resolution details. Have an attorney review contracts if needed.

Conduct a Complete Inventory

Catalog all possessions with descriptions, photos, and serial numbers. Have movers sign this after loading.

Pro Tip 5: Never pay large deposits upfront. Use credit cards for payments to enable chargebacks if needed. 

On move day, do a final walkthrough and check the truck at origin and destination. Count boxes and do an inventory check before signing paperwork. Report any damages or issues immediately in writing. 

Being vigilant with paperwork helps deter scams. Reputable Fort Lauderdale moving companies will have no issue providing binding estimates and doing inventory checks. If a mover avoids putting services and fees in writing, it should raise a red flag.

Follow these tips to protect your move. Let thorough contracts and inventories give you confidence in your mover. Don’t fall victim to tricks and dishonest practices. You’ve got this – now it’s time to sit back and let the professionals safely transport your Fort Lauderdale move.

Finding and vetting professional Fort Lauderdale movers takes diligence upfront, but pays off with a stress-free move. Best in Broward Movers has over 10 years experience providing smooth local and long-distance moves in Fort Lauderdale. Our friendly, background-checked movers provide binding quotes, guaranteed pickup times, and ongoing communication every step of the way. We are licensed, bonded and insured for your protection. Read our 5-star reviews and let us earn your trust and business. Contact Best in Broward Movers today to get your no-obligation quote and schedule your move with South Florida’s premier moving company. We can’t wait to help make your relocation easy and efficient from start to finish!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How much do Fort Lauderdale moving companies typically charge?

Moving costs vary but expect to pay $100-150 per hour for a local move. Get in-home estimates from multiple companies. 

2) What questions should I ask when getting a moving quote? 

Ask about their licenses, insurance, fees, packing services, crew size, truck size, and get a binding quote in writing.

3) How can I verify a moving company is legitimate?

Check for licenses, insurance, BBB and Angie’s List accreditation. Beware of low quotes from brokers.

4) When should I hire a moving company for my relocation?

Book movers 4-8 weeks in advance for best availability. Give 2 weeks notice to your landlord.

5) What can I do to avoid moving scams?  

Get a binding quote in writing, do not pay large deposits, review the contract, inventory your items, and pay after delivery.

By following these tips, you can confidently choose the best Fort Lauderdale moving company for a seamless and stress-free relocation experience. To experience Best in Broward’s top-notch moving services, contact us today for a free quote. Let us take care of your move while you focus on settling into your new space.